Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Next event~ Teddies Worldwide Holiday Bear Show

I am getting ready for the Teddies Worldwide Holiday Bear Show now. We aren't allow to show any of our creations on facebook, blog or anywhere yet... it's going to be surprise for everyone to see bears from 75 International Artists.

Sneak Preview will start on 15th November 2010, I am so excited!
Right now I need to work on my website for this show, sew more bears (hopefully) and then work on my custom bears and rabbits. Schedule is so tight for me, I hope I'll have more time to make all this happen!

I am currently spending some time sorting out my mailing lists and figuring how it works, please be patience. I'll send a mail out to everyone when it is ready =)

~ Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my "Singapore Teddy Bear Show" photographs, you all are so wonderful ~

Have a great day, afternoon, night!

Wayneston Hugs.

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