Sunday, November 7, 2010

THANK YOU =) for coming to support the Singapore Teddy Bear Show

Today is the big day, I had spent a wonderful day at the Arts House. I met new faces and it's really fun chatting away with our local bear artists and visitors.

Some of my classmates dropped by to pay me a visit, thanks Wenxiang, Yi Ting, Songwee and Yulia, your surprise visit had brightens my day! P.S thanks for the beautiful flowers Yulia! they smell really nice =)

Special thanks to my god brother Christopher who had spent his valuable time to help me out on this event ^.^
Here are some pictures taken by me and Christopher:

This is my bears display - I am not really good at displaying my bears and I am still learning, I hope I'll get better next time...

Wayneston Bears & Me
Organiser of Singapore Teddy Bear Show - Pamela Theng (Moob International)

Japan Artist - Niina Kanai

Singapore Artist - Leonard Gotoking

A Bear Place

Japan Artist - Terumi Yoshikawa

My Family

Christopher & Mum

Singapore Artist - Fabian Song

Thanks Yulia for the beautiful flowers!

Singapore Artist - Mark Rodrigues

We see you again next year in the Singapore Teddy Bear Show! Thanks for coming =)
Cheers, Wayne


  1. Thanks Wayne for the all the photos...was really interesting to see all the types of bears being made in & around Singapore. Lots of talent there!
    Cheers, Susan

  2. That was so much fun! I enjoyed seeing your photographs with you and your family. Great looking show! I've met a couple of the other artists when they've come here to the USA and it is nice to see them again. It looks liike a good day. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great photos! It looked wonderful!

  4. Great jobs on the pics and fab collection of bears, both yours and the other artists. BTW, your stall looks fine to me!

  5. What a lovely show! I see some real cuties on your table! After Christmas I am going to have to adopt one of yours!

    Hugs, Kelly

  6. Thank you everyone! This is my 2nd teddy bear show and I had lotsa fun! One day, I hope that I can travel to different places to meet different people, maybe I will see you there :)

  7. That looks like it was a FABULOUS bear show! And ALL of the SWEET bears you made--WONDERFUL!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  8. Super show photos Wayne, thanks for sharing and I think your table looked really lovely with all those cute cuddly bears.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears


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