Sunday, March 6, 2011

I never knew that it feels so hurt...

Today was my last art lesson with my students. I have been teaching art for more than a year and I have finally decide to let it go. I have been feeling tired working 7 days a week, now it's time for me to rethink about what I want in life. It's feels so hurt just like a missing piece of precious gem from my heart :(

Since young, one of my dreams is to become an art teacher and I am really glad that this little dream of mine has fulfilled . Even till today, I could even remember my art teachers and some of the art activities we have done. As I grew older, I have to decide between Art or Design in my studies and I have chosen industrial design as my major subject.

I have never regret choosing design and teaching art. In fact without these, I might not have become what I am today. Specially thanks to my bear teacher Emen, he is the man that inspires and encourages me to become a bear artist and an art teacher.

Today the new teacher came for her first lesson, she is a kind lady and I believed that my students will be comfortable learning from her. The students are sad, we have formed a strong bonding for many months. I am feeling very sour right now... I am writing this because I want this to be in part of my memory. I have always treated these students like my children.

My army bag is ready and I am leaving for my reservice tomorrow, I will try to write more when I am back from my trip.


  1. Aahh.. I am sure they will miss you Wayne.

  2. i know how u feel as i also got similar experience as you. they are creative , our source of inspiration and motivation. goodbye and see you soon.

  3. don't worry. Remember all fantastic moments and smile to your memories :)


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