Friday, March 4, 2011

The story of my empty showcase

I have started my small collection of about 20 bears when I become a bear artist. Some of them are Steiff, Artist Bears and Miniature Bears. For 3 years I have kept them into boxes because my dad smokes... I treasure all my bears like my babies because I worked so hard to have them, I want them to have a good home...

One day in February, I have finally decide that I should display them on my toys showcase in the living room. I spend a few hours displaying these bear collection and I am really proud of them. They gave me movitation and inspires me to work and improve on my bear designs. Before all these happens I have spoke to my dad that he should smoke outside the house.

The nightmare begans a few days ago... one of my uncle came to my house. He is a heavy smoker, he has a great personality but I hate his smoking habits... He starts to light his cigarattee and the house stinks! He even pass my dad a cigarattee and both of them starts to smoke happily away.

I was mad... REALLY MAD! (This is not the first time he comes to my house and he knows that the smoke would affect my teddies...)

I was angry, I stood in front of my dad and ask him to stop smoking or go outside to smoke, but he ignored and said it's ok, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON that uncle came to visit us. He wants his pride... but what about my feelings :(

Feeling frustrated, I quickly took a box from my storeroom, went to my showcase and I quickly remove all my bears... My dad saw this and was angry, he said that I am not respecting them. Ignoring what he said, I continued to keep my bears and bought them into my room and closed the door. My uncle left my house shortly because he was embrarrass...

Now... it has been 4 days and the showcase is still empty. My mum asked me to display my bears again but I am persistant not to display them anymore. I really hope that one day I would have my own work studio and a room to display my bears and toys.

Dear friends, what will you do if someone smokes in your house with your precious collection nearby?
I would love to hear your advise and suggestion.


  1. oh, poor bears! sorry i don't have this problem as ppl knows there are kids @ home. but i appreciate the effort on your bears, you fight for the their rights, perhaps one day your dad may understand this!
    in our city, ppl are restricted to smoke in cinema, restaurants and dept store... so it's better to leave a certain place for the smoker.

    as a bear artist, we wish we have our own studio and a place to display our works and collection.

    enjoy your days with your bears and family as well

  2. To me there is nothing worse than the smell of cigarette smoke. It is not easily removed. I do not allow smoking in my home. I think if I was in your position I would display them in your room until you had assurance that no smoke was allowed in your home. Maybe they will see how important this is to you.

  3. Hi Wayne, I not sure what to tell about smoking, just no one smoke in our house, but what I would do
    - put charcoal (burned piece of wood for barbequi) on small plate - it work by sucking bad odour air and make fresher,
    other baking soda in small bowl do similar, just would think need change often,
    may be put lavander flowers inside display case. Try what can be working.
    Hope you sorted out relations with father, it's not nice when fire inhouse but you not see when it caugh you.
    Love you bears and rabbits, keep creating.

    All the best, Natalia

  4. Wayne, I completely understand. Just the tiniest bit of smoke seems to get into the fur of teddy bears. And it is SO hard to ever get the smell out. Good luck!


  5. Smoke does terrible damage to teddy bears, it makes the smell and discolours their fur.
    Ideally it would be nice if you father and uncle smoked outside, or better still gave it up all together for the sake of their own health.
    However, I would keep them in your room for now ... after all it is your parent's house and like in most families they sets the rules ... when you have your own place you will be able to display them as you please.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

  6. I was so sorry to hear this Wayne! My feelings would have been hurt as well. I think you did the right thing removing them from the display, it's so sad that you can't enjoy them because your father doesn't understand. There are so many reasons your family shouldn't smoke inside, including YOUR health. I really hope they will understand someday.

  7. Hi Wayne, I also keep many of my bears packed away to protect them from dust as I do not have enough closed display cabinet space for everyone! I do not live with a smoker nor would I ever allow anyone to smoke inside my house. The smoke is not only bad for bears health, but also for people. It's very hard though when people in families are living together and have different ideas and beliefs. I also think you should keep your teds in your room, but maybe talk to your dad and tell him that you are sorry that he feels disrespected and that your uncle was embarrassed, but that you are trying to preserve your collection as they are valuable and you have worked so had to gather them. Take care Wayne, I hope you can make things nice with your Dad soon so that you wont feel sad in your heart. Claire


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