Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I can't comment on blogs???

I will vry disappointed with blogger this week, I have been trying lot of ways to comment on my blog and other friends blog but I can't...

I really didn't know what to do, is anyone facing this problem? After typing my comments and I select my goggle account with my email and password inserted into the text box, it keeps going back to the main page that I have to type email and password again!!!

This is so frustrating! HELP HELP! :(


  1. Same here, Wayne, answering comments, put back to sigh in and after all I'm annonimus and put capcha words for OWNER of blog?? Let it go, tommorrow another day!

  2. Two other blogs today I have seen this posted on. Do a google search. I think you will find many more people with the same problem and hopefully some answers.

  3. If you uncheck the box that asks if you want to stay signed in it works. And bizarrely you stay igned in. Not to Gmail though, guess you win some, you lose some :oS

  4. Thank you Katy! I uncheck the box and it works!!!! Thanks a million =)

    You are a Star! Thanks for the comments everyone.

    I am going to comment on some blogs now =)


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