Friday, June 24, 2011

New place - coping well

Dear friends,

I have started my new job this monday, so far everything is good and running smoothly =)
The hardest thing to do is waking up early in the morning at 6.30am and I am still having difficulties adapting to the time change. My previous job was near my house, it starts at 9.30am and I can leave my house at 9am.

My current working time is slightly longer than previous one, every night after my work I felt so tired that I find it hard to work on my bears. I guess from now on I can only work on them on weekends :(
I hope next week will be better.

I am tired... I need more sleep!
The Bears on Parade show bears are almost done, I have completed 5 of them. Now I need to polish their noses and accessorising them before the show! I hope to complete them by this week, so that next week onwards I can work on some new bears or animals =)

I have also recently received some soft raw wool for needle felting from a lovely friend, I will try to find some time to do some experiment =) Thinking of them makes me feel so excited.

Please bear with me for not sharing any new creations these few weeks, I know it's hard and I feel uneasy for not sharing any updates with you... please come back again ok?

Maybe you could write me a comment to suggest any animals you would like to see me working on?
I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Oh I am sorry this is a difficult change. But you will adjust. Time for early to bed, early to rise...maybe it really will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise.

  2. You can make a cat, a little pussy...:O)
    or maybe a guinea pig... could be nice???

  3. Yes, thank you for the advise. I will make another kitten soon =)

  4. It is hard trying to fit in the bear making around working full time. I am sure you will find that you will adjust to the longer working hours and also still be creative, just give yourself some time to adjust.

  5. Thank you Wendy =) This week is getting much better.


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