Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Hole in the Pocket ~ Craft materials I bought today =)

I really really LOVE to shop for craft materials... it's really addictive and I always called this "Retail Therapy". :p The moment I stepped into the $2 shops or craft shops, I will stay there for hours hunting for beautiful items to accessorise my bears or get inspirations.

Today I went into Daiso, a $2 shop, wanting to buy a few boxes to pack my bears, guess what! this are the items I bought :x...

After shopping at Daiso, I enter another craft shop "Made with Love" to look for 3mm hole puncher for my Wayneston Bear Swing Tags. I have been looking high and low for find for the small hole puncher but I just can't find :( Lucky enough, I realised that one of the staff is my friend! My friend, Vera assisted me and look at what I have found :)

This eyelet puncher is what I have been searching for! It can punch both 3mm and 6 mm holes and make eyelets too! You can make holes on leather, chipboard, fabric, tin and plastic! This puncher cost $79.95 ( Singapore Dollars), but right now there is sale - 40% discount! I paid $47.95 for this! GOOD BUY!
FYI, this puncher is available in 2 colours, Pink and Green

I bought some mini eyelets and brads too

Some small showcase boxes for my collection!

Look! These 4 miniature needle felted animals are made by Katie Fulford (Loveable Treasures) from Canada =)
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  1. Heh, I have the pink cropadile (they didn't do the green one originally). I had to stop buying accessories for the bears on a whim though when I realised I actually had more accessories than I could ever make bears for lol

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make you feel good.

  3. I have never seen an eye puncher and now I want one. What great finds. I hope you will show us your new tags. The boxes are a very nice touch. I hate shopping EXCEPT for craft supplies, I could spend hours and lots and lots of money. You did well.


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