Friday, August 26, 2011

Something horrible has happened to my blog :(

Last night I slept at 1.30 am trying to fix my blog :(
I had to blame myself for being a smart Alex trying to edit the blog's template. I was trying to add in some advertisments on my sitebars, I followed through the tutorial from the ad site after that, I saved and overwrite the template without looking at the preview!

Everything was too late, my sidebars are all gone and the layout arrangement on my blog are all over the place. I panicked and didn't what to do! :(

I redo and select a new template and readjusted the main page and sidebars for hours... Now it's seems ok, but I realised that sometime my sidebar would disappear, you will need to refresh the page to see them again. This is really bad! I gotta think of a way to solve this, I hope someone could help me.


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  1. What I see. Everything looks good on this page. I think you need to widen your blog a little. Widen the whole thing a little to center your banner. Then widen the right sidebar a little to fit everything on it. I am going to look around some more.


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