Monday, October 31, 2011

Behind the Scene

I believed by now you have already seen all the pictures of the bear show a few posts ago. Today I am going to share some of the "behind the scene pictures" on the day before the show. 

Here are some of the Wayneston Bears made by me

Not all are here, these are hand picked. I am selecting which ones to bring to the show.
Come take a picture with Papa =)

After selecting the bears to bring, I placed them onto my table display.

This is what it look underneath the black cloth. Yes these are boxes, every time I will packed all the bears into them and hand carry them to the show. To set up, I simply remove bears from the boxes and used these boxes as platforms for the table display. This way I need not bring extra boxes. As you can see here, I always do a mock up display before my shows, this will save time when you are setting up on the actual day =)
My table display on actual day

I think branding is important, I always have my Wayneston Bears Logo on my table. Make sure it is big enough for people to see from far. Namecards are important too, display them generously - you never know who may contact you for workshops or purchase a bear from you.
I hope you will enjoy reading this. I have just finished a new bear, but I am saving him for an event in December, will share this event soon with everyone, coming soon =)


  1. wow! You hard working Wayne, stunning display and ocean of bears, love it.
    All the best with coming show!

  2. Hi,
    you have a very wonderful blog and your works are very beautiful!
    I love your Style.
    GREAT greetings)


  3. Hi Helena, thanks for visiting my blog! Thank you for liking my work =)


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