Friday, October 21, 2011

Preparation - Counting down 2 more days!

WIP continues, I have assembled the little mousie and stuffed him with garnets and polyfill. He is now sitting quieting waiting for me to give him a name and take some pictures of him.

I am not working today so today is specially delicated to spend time with my bears.
These are what I need to do before the show.

1) Photography for 3 bears
2) Labelling (Prices, Certificates, COA etc)
3) Display settings (I usually do a mock up display on my table to see how it look like. Once I am happy, I will take a snap shot of the display and do the same on the actual day of the bear show)
4) Slide shows (Galleries etc)
5) Sending mails to mailing lists

Tonight I hope to show you some pictures of the preview bears. Ok, gtg see you later =)

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  1. Good luck, wish you have a good show. the grey mouse is cute.


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