Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A show that tells you more about Singapore

One of my friend shared this video on facebook and I enjoyed it. I am sure you will learn more about Singapore (The place i am living) from this. This is a Australia programme featuring 2 rebellious teenagers having sent to Singapore to learn to be good.

Living in Singapore is stressful, all parents want the best out of their children. Since the day I am born, my parents wants me to be good with my academics, respectful to the elderly and find a good & stable job. This applies to tmy another classmates too, some of them got canning and scolding for not getting full marks in their test, I really pity them.

My parents weren't so strict like the parents in this video (such parents existed). They saved money to send us (me and my siblings) to tution centers for extra coaching on different school subjects. I am say that I have let them down, my results weren't good at all. My interests are arts and design, I am really thankful that they supported my decision =)

In these videos (part 1 & 2), you can see that most of us (Singaporean) live in high rise buildings. A family of 4 to 5 will live together in a department unit. Singapore is a small country, land is scarce hence housings are built higher and higher, the higher it is, the more pricey it gets.

In our department, we have a living room, a kitchen, 2 toilets, a master bed room, 2 child's room and a store room. The house is small but we are happy with the family. Sometimes, I really envy some of my overseas friends for having a big studio (I wanted a bear making room and computer room) and some even have farms! (I love animals, cows, horses, sheeps etc).

Friends, I hope that you would enjoy these videos, do share with us some of your thoughts after watching this, we would love to hear your comments =)

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