Friday, October 7, 2011

Windows Live Writer

This blog post has been created using Windows Live Writer. My friend, Joanne has recommended this on her blog. Most of the time I am facing alignment issues with the pictures and now this programme solves the problem, thanks Joanne!

I am going to try adding some photos of my bears here to see what happens next…..


This is totally cool, I am now able to add 3 pictures of my bears in a row without any difficulties. Next, let’s try something else….

I am able to add frame borders to the pictures too. I am still exploring the other functions on this programme, I believe with this programme it makes writing more easy and fun.
Have a wonderful Friday and Happy Children’s Day to those young at heart (including me) =D


  1. клево! спасибо за совет,пойду гляну на программу,
    у тебя классные медведи)))

  2. I am glad that it helps! You are most welcome =)


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