Monday, December 12, 2011

MaryAnn the Pink Santa's Helper

Introducing my latest Squirrel ~ MaryAnn, the Pink Santa's Helper

She is created using the same pattern as my Award Winning Design (Herbie the Squirrel) and I am very pleased with her. In the past, I have been very conservative with my squirrel designs - Earthy colours are what I been making, but now you see a pink squirrel! I am so in love with her! ^.^

Pastels have always been my favourite colours, to be flank pink is one of them! I am looking forward to create more brightly coloured squirrels and animals in the next projects next year =)

Back to MaryAnn, she is 6.5" tall standing, has a wired tail and a pair of memorising eyes with needle felted eyelids too! She is now available on a 7 days Ebay Auction, do visit her and say Hi to her =)

Thanks for viewing and Merry Christmas! ~ Hugs, Wayne & MaryAnn


  1. She's so pretty, Wayne. I love her colors. Hugs, Janice

  2. Thank you Janice, I am glad you like her =)


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