Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas Gathering with the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers

We had an unforgettable evening on 20 December with the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers group.

 This is our first time organizing a Xmas Teddy Bear Gathering and was pleased to see 8 Teddy Bear Enthusiasts turning up for the event! We have Korean style dinner at Bibigo! Suntec City and later enjoyed some drinks at an ice-cream parlor next to the restaurant.


The 8 Teddy Bear Enthusiasts namely, Esther, Philip, Anna, Marcia, Evelyn, Suling, Paula and myself were excited about the gift exchange. This year, we have set a theme for the gift – that is “something related to Teddy Bears” and a price range was given to everyone to prepare the gift.

The gifts were laid on the table with numbers labelled. With the help of Philip’s tablet, we used an app to generate random numbers for each participants.

 Below are the prizes which each of us have won.

Marcia won a large piece of Faux Fur from Wayne.
Esther won 2 bags of Bear Supplies from Anna.
Philip won a handmade scrapped booked photo frame and a Special Prize from Esther!
Wayne won a Teddy Bear Night Light from Evelyn.

Suling won a Teddy Bear in Biscuit Tin from Marcia.
Evelyn won a Teddy Bear Supply bag from Esther.
Anna won a Teddy Bear Porcelain Coin Bank from Paula.
Paula won a Teddy Bear in a Mug from Philip.
After the gift exchange, everyone began showing off their bears and dolls collection to everyone. Soon, the table was occupied with an Army of Teddies.

We want to thank Esther, Philip, Anna, Marcia, Evelyn, Suling, Paula for joining our Xmas event, we look forward to see you all again soon in the next gathering in February 2014!
Hugs, Wayne


  1. What a lovely write up about our pre-Christmas gathering. Great pictures too :) We really have a wonderful evening of sharing & lots of laughters of course. Looking forward to our next gathering soon.

  2. Haha, to be frank I actually I have a lady in mind when I design the altered decoupage photo frame. Thank you Wayne and everyone who were present. I had a great time. :)


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