Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More pictures of my new bear

Few posts ago I mentioned that I am making a few new bears for a special project.
Here are some more pictures of the bears I have made this week.

The middle one is the first prototype which I am unhappy with, because the body is too flat and short!
Hence I have revised the design to make the body longer and rounder which you can see on the left.

I am still unhappy with the 2nd prototype! The one on the left ending up looking like a potato!
No... that's not what I want! The 3rd revision on the right, which is the pink bear looks much better after the 3rd attempt. Sometimes, it takes more than one or two time of trial and error to understand how to make the design "Look Right!". You can only see the final outcome after you stuff the bear.

My niece Lavigne with my new bear.
Lavigne visits us last week. Irresistibly, she quickly took the bear and get a picture taken!

One of my friend made some colourful pastries few days ago. Without any hesitation, I placed the bear on a glass and have a quick instagram photo taken with the pastries.

Alright! I am finally happy with the latest design! Below are the improved design of the bear!

Thanks for visiting us today to read more about our newest creations!
Have a great day!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Oh my goodness Wayne, these bears are adorable! And so is your little niece. She has grown up. I can hardly believe how big she is, and sooo pretty.

    1. Yes, she has grown so fast and I have realised I am getting older! LOL! Thanks for visiting our blog :)


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