Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boey the Polar Cub

We are proud to present to you today one of our latest creation, Boey the Polar Cub.

Boey is 8.5 inches tall, made from soft long mohair. 
Boey is designed with a open mouth. His mouth has inbuilt wire armature, enabling him to open and close his mouth. He is one of our very few bears with an open / close mouth feature. The teeth and claws are hand sculpted without any mould.

Boey also has many other interesting features. Being 5 way jointed with wire armatures on the limbs and spine allows him to pose in many ways. Like all other Wayneston Bear creations, he has the signature needle sculpted fingers and toes on the palms and feet.

With leather eyelids, Boey exudes the sleepy look. His nose is needle felted and later painted, then sealed. Boey is One-of-a-Kind, completely hand-made with love and care.

If you would like to adopt Boey today, do visit him at ABI:
Bear Pile:

We hope you will like our new polar and have a great weekend! 

Hugs, Wayne

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