Friday, June 13, 2014

Brisbane Trip with Family & Friends

Before boarding our flight, at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.
L-R: Evelyn, Esther, mum &; dad, me and Philip.

This is our 2nd time travelling to Brisbane to attend the Brisbane Winter Wonderland Dolls and Teddy Bears Show. This year, I had more people accompanying me including my parents and friends namely Philip, Esther and Evelyn. I introduced Esther (one of the Pioneer Bear Artist in Singapore) to the show as the response last year was wonderful; many of us made new friends and gained new admirers / collectors from the show. 

We departed early in the morning from Singapore to Brisbane, taking an 8 hours flight via Singapore Airlines. We were all very excited and could not really sleep even though we were flying during our bedtime period. It certainly didn't help that we were served 2 meals on board as well! Besides watching the shows on board the flight, we also couldn't help taking pictures of ourselves!
Having dinner on plane.
Esther and Evelyn having their dinner.
One of our very favourite breakfast served! Poached egg with bacon in hollandise sauce!

Upon touchdown at Brisbane International Airport, we immediately felt the cool breeze which was a welcome change for us as we only have 1 season in Singapore – Warm and Humid! It felt as though we are in an air conditioned room 24/7!

We stayed 5 nights at the Windsor International Motel. It was our first time staying there and we were glad to have made the right choice as the rooms were spacious, clean and tidy. Also, the motel is within 15 minutes walking distance to the exhibition hall.

Our spacious room with 3 beds!
It's a pity that it's too cold to swim!
Look at the skies, so blue!

Over the few days, we shopped at Westfield Chermside, Queens Plaza, and took the CityHopper ferry which travels along the Brisbane River, to view the city sights from North Quay all the way to Sydney Streets. We all were amazed when we visited Zone Fresh Gourmet Markets along Newmarket Road, which was near our motel. All the fruits and vegetables looked so colourful and fresh. They were all neatly stacked as well. We decided to buy a watermelon to eat after dinner on one of the days. It was really good!
Evelyn, mum and Esther at the bus stop
Our breakfast at Krave Café, food is nice, highly recommended!
A super market at Newmarket Street.
Waiting to board the ferry.

Some eating places noteworthy were Krave Café and Bar (142 Newmarket Street), Mon’s Thai Rarnaharn (25 Eildon Road), Jimmy’s on the Mall (Queens Street Mall), Story Bridge Hotel Restaurant (200 Main Street, Kangaroo Point) and Eat Street Markets (Macarthur Avenue).

Entrance of Krave Café
The "Big Boy" Breakfast
Mon’s Thai Rarnaharn (25 Eildon Road)
Green curry
Tom Yam Soup
Glass noodle in Phai Thai style
Story Bridge Hotel Restaurant (200 Main Street, Kangaroo Point)

Eat Street Markets (Macarthur Avenue)
Having dinner with bear artists

On Friday night, we headed to Chinatown to meet Margaret and her sister Shirley for dinner at Enjoy Inn Restaurant. My parents and I were happy to see both of them again as well as their little boy, Troy. After dinner, we went back to the motel to have a good night rest before the start of the Winter Wonderland show on Saturday and Sunday.

Overall, we were happy with the experience. However, it was unfortunate that the location of the show and motel is out of the city area. This meant there weren’t many places to eat, site seeing or shop nearby. The public bus far is not cheap as well! It is almost 3 times the cost we are paying in Singapore so we booked a Maxi Cab most of the time if we wanted to travel to the city or other places we wanted to visit. It is cheaper taking a Maxi Cab for 6 persons rather than public transport. We wanted to do some shopping on Monday after the Winter Wonderland Show but most of the shops were closed due to the Queen’s Birthday that day!

Before we depart for Singapore, we bumped into Tracey and Laraine at the Brisbane International Airport. We couldn’t help but take a picture, and Philip helped to print 2 copies of the photo with his portable photo printer. After all the hugs and kisses, we grudgingly boarded the plane. On a brighter note, the meal served on the way back to Singapore was really good. I loved the Baked Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce, Grilled Tomato & Bacon so much that I asked for a 2nd serving and shared with Philip!
L-R: Tracey, Me, Laraine, Mum & Dad, Evelyn and Philip
Now that we are back in Singapore, I can’t wait to visit Australia again next year! See all of you again soon!

Coming up on next post... Review on Winter Wonderland!

Bidding good bye!

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