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Review: Wayneston Bears on "Super Family" 超級一家, aired on 28 December 2014

We are pleased to be casted in a role as a Teddy Bear Artist/Instructor on the recent kids' programme 超級一家 (Super Family) aired on 28 December 2014.

The 3 hosts of the show are Sugie, Lina Ng and Oh Ling En. Each one of them has a different but yet unique personality. At times, they are serious and sometimes they can a little crazy which makes the show more entertaining, funny and less predictable. 

L-R: Ling En, Wayne, Lina and Sugie.

In this TV programme, they act as a family helping a different child each week to achieve their wishes to learn a new skill or fulfill their dream occupation. It's an enriching info-educational programme for all children.

On this episode, the family approached Wayne to help a six year old little girl, Pei Fen, to fulfill her dream of creating a special handmade bear for her sister.

Wayne and Pei Fen

The first part of the programme was held at the MINT Museum of Toys. Wayne is more than happy to act as Teddy Bear Curator and gave a short introduction about the History of Teddy Bears. For your information, Wayne had worked at the MINT Museum in the past!

After the introduction at the MINT Museum, we then proceeded to an office to coach little Pei Fen on how to create a simple bear. Wayne first introduced several different types of fabrics that can be used to make a Teddy Bear. A fleece material was then chosen later by Pei Fen to create a bear with 3 piece pattern.

The bear designed by Wayne specially for the show was simple bear for beginner, especially for children. Made using Fleece fabric, it has plastic safety eyes to provide a safer playing environment for children. Although the bear design has already been simplified, it was still a challenge for Pei Fen. Wayne had to be patient and provide guidiance to complete the bear.

The finished bear was created with the joint efforts of both Pei Fen and Wayne. All of us were extremely pleased with the end product as the bear looked presentable.

After the filming, Wayne took the opportunity to take a group photo with the crew and hosts.

Wawa Pictures Film Crew

Wawa Pictures Film Crew

We would like to thank Wawa Pictures and all the film crew for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be part of the programme and we look forward to working with you again in future! Special thanks to my best friend, Philip for taking these wonderful pictures and recorded the show for me.

Below is a youtube video of the show. We hope you will enjoy it just as much as we do.

Hugs, Wayne

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