Friday, June 10, 2016

Children's Bear Workshop at Singapore Island Country Club, 8 June 2016

We just had a furbulous day coaching a group of 16 children at the Singapore Island Country Club during their swim camp event.

They were between 7-12 years old and were all very excited to make their very first Teddy Bear. The workshop was held in a spacious and brightly lit conference room.

After everyone sat down, they took the bear out from the kit and inserted the nose and washer onto the bear's face. They stuffed poly fiber into the bear's head, body, arms and legs before our art facilitators helped the children to close the openings.

The eyes were then installed onto the bear and the arms were string jointed with the art facilitators' assistance.

Lastly, they tied a ribbon on the neck of their Teddy Bears. 

They were all very happy and started to think of names to give to their bears. Some of the interesting names we could remember were Itchy Nose, Fatty Bom Bom and Angry Bear.

After everyone had completed their bears, we gathered outside to take a group photo with the children! 

We would like to thank The Singapore Island Country Club for the opportunity to work with them and hope to have more collaborations in the future.

Hugs, Wayne

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