Friday, June 23, 2017

Meet Malvick @ The Maker Faire, 22-23 July!

We are pleased to share with you today, one of our latest creations!

Malvick is specially created as one of the showcases which will be displayed at the Maker Faire held at the Science Center this coming 22-23 July.

This project is a collaboration with the HandMade Community SG. Each artist from the group creates one of their handmade pieces on an embroidery loop. The loops will later chain together to form a giant art piece which will be displayed at the Science Center Singapore for 6 months!

More details about Malvick:
Malvick is just 6 inches tall! He is the first smallest "realistic style" teddy bear which Wayne has ever created! He has wired armature on his neck, spine and limbs! He is also able to sit on fours!

Wayne has specially learnt to crochet a hammock for him to rest inside the embroidery loop. To secure and prevent him from falling from the display, thin transparent fishing lines were anchored onto the loop.

We are pleased to be part of the team and we look forward to viewing the other creations made by the other artists.

What's more, we are also conducting a Polar Bear Workshop at the Maker Faire! In just 3 hours, you can enjoy the fun progress of stuffing, sewing and creating the expression for your handmade bear.

You can now register your interest via our google form here, and we will keep in touch with u shortly.

That's all for today! We hope you enjoy reading our blog!

Hugs, Wayne

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