Tuesday, December 19, 2017

School Holiday Workshop on 18 November 2017

The School Holiday Workshop held at Wayneston Studios last month was very fun! We were excited to meet 2 young children joining our class!

On 18 November, Chloe and Celeste came to learn how to make a polar bear and elephant together with their mum, Jenny.

It's was their first time learning to sew and both learnt quickly!

Happy kids, Celeste and Chloe

Polar bear made by Celeste

Elephant made by Chloe

After the class, Jenny invited us to their house the following week to do another private workshop with them and this time three of them did a softie bear together!

It was a wonderful bonding time for the parent and children together. To the children, it's a reward for working hard in school and having a break.

Jenny joins the class as well!

Thank you for your support Jenny, Chloe and Celeste!
We look forward to meeting all of you again soon!

Wayneston Studios & Team

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