Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fun with Pico Dragons

This is the very first time Wayneston Studios has organised such an event!

Last week, Wayneston Studios hosted "Fun with Pico Dragons" and we were excited to see four participants attending the event.

L-R: Chio, Wayne, Philip, Su Ling and Carmel

To join this event, participants purchased a Plamodel Pico Dragon (Viloet or Ashes) from Wayneston Studios and enjoyed the complimentary session to D.I.Y and apply basic make-up on their Pico dragon.

The participants were all very friendly and we had a great time assembling and customising our unique Pico Dragon! First, we gave the dragons light sanding with fine graded sand papers and used a dry paint brush to apply pastel colours onto the various areas which we wanted to highlight. Lastly after the shading, we gave the dragon a coat of glitter for the finishing touches and prayed fixatives to seal the paint. In a few hours, the dragons all appeared to be colourful and painted in our unique style!

Pico Dragons' makeup by everyone!

Wayne's Pico Dragon

Thank you Philip, Chio, Carmel, Su Ling for joining us! We look forward to meeting you in our next event!

Wayne Lim

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