Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lucky Puppy Workshop, 21 & 28 January 2018

To commemorate the Year of the Dog, Wayneston Studios conducted a brand new Puppy Workshop - "Lucky". The two-day workshop saw five students namely, Carmel, Joanne, Bernadette, Fei and Nicole joining the class.

The puppy workshop took slightly longer to complete, as compared to making a conventional teddy bear. Nevertheless, the five students were determined and managed to finish their creations on their own.

We were happy to have Carmel and Bernadette coming back for more bear making sessions. They both took this chance to ask more questions and enhanced their skills as they refreshed their memory of what they had learnt during their first class with Wayne last year.

L-R: Joanne, Bernadette, Fei, Carmel and Nicole

Lucky is looking at them!
As for Fei and Joanne, it was their very first time sewing and learning how to make a "Teddy Bear"from scratch. Wayne shared with them the basic sewing techniques and to their credit, they were able to pick up the skills quickly.

Nicole, a self taught bear maker

Nicole, a self taught bear maker, already has some Teddy Bear making knowledge. To-date she has made more than seven bears, an impressive feat! She joined the class to better learn and understand how to improve her skills.

Everyone was very patient and excited during the creative process, with Wayne happy to see the final results, as the "puppy creations" turned out truly well. 

Congratulations to Nicole for completing your very first puppy!

Congratulations Joanne!

Puppy made by Joanne

Bernadette is happy to complete her first puppy!

Puppy made by Bernadette
We would like to thank Carmel, Bernadette, Fei, Joanne and Nicole again for joining the class. We hope Lucky the puppy will bring them loads of luck and prosperity in the coming Lunar New Year.

Wishing all a WOOFderful and blessed Happy Lunar New Year!


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