Sunday, November 17, 2013

6 more days to the Singapore Teddy Bear Show!

Time flies! It's just only 6 days to the Singapore Teddy Bear Show!

I went to Spotlight store yesterday to purchase a beautiful piece of green table cloth for my display table and some Christmas decorations. You can see on the green fabric are 2 of my new creations.

What's more is I have also completed another new panda just in time for the show too. He will be also on display on that day. I am glad that everything is going according to plan. This weekend I will spend my day taking some pretty pictures of my new creations, labeling the price tags, printing Certificates and creating a mock up display for the table before the show.

Check out below featuring Singapore Teddy Bear Show!

We wish you a wonderful weekend too! See you next week!

Hugs, Wayne

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