Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spot the difference! Changes to logo design

If you were to refer to my previous post, my Wayneston Bear Logo is inspired by my number 11th bear, and it was designed 2 years ago. Even though I am happy with the design, I still think something is wrong with it.
Hence, I have relooked into it and done some minor changes to my logo design few weeks ago.

My Wayneston Bears logo was created using Adobe Illustrator file, each curves and shapes were individually controlled by points, hence it takes a long time to do adjustments but I am able to manipulate to the angles that I want.

Are you able to Spot the Difference??? Haha... If you do, you are really good...
In total there are 5 changes, I will leave the answers on my comments.

My new squirrel creation is ready to show you, please come again on Sunday to see her. Have a great day! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some iPhone apps that I love!

I enjoy sharing some of my teddy bear making pictures on Instagram then it will linked to my facebook account. If you are a iPhone user and would like to follow me on Instagram, you can find me @
User name: waynestonbears

A picture took with Instagram effects

Lately I have also found some interesting apps that you can use to beautify your iphone photos.

1) Leme Camera
Leme Camera allows u to take 4 shots of yourself, just pose within the few seconds and poom! waits for your collage of photos with different effects! It never fails to surprise me =)

2) iLockScreen Maker
This is an interesting app, you can insert calendar onto your wallpaper and add borders.

3) PhotoShake
My favourite! You may choose any pictures from your Camera Roll then SHAKE! Each time you shake your phone it creates a different layout collage of your selected pictures! It's really fun!

Have fun with your iPhone! ^.^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Hole in the Pocket ~ Craft materials I bought today =)

I really really LOVE to shop for craft materials... it's really addictive and I always called this "Retail Therapy". :p The moment I stepped into the $2 shops or craft shops, I will stay there for hours hunting for beautiful items to accessorise my bears or get inspirations.

Today I went into Daiso, a $2 shop, wanting to buy a few boxes to pack my bears, guess what! this are the items I bought :x...

After shopping at Daiso, I enter another craft shop "Made with Love" to look for 3mm hole puncher for my Wayneston Bear Swing Tags. I have been looking high and low for find for the small hole puncher but I just can't find :( Lucky enough, I realised that one of the staff is my friend! My friend, Vera assisted me and look at what I have found :)

This eyelet puncher is what I have been searching for! It can punch both 3mm and 6 mm holes and make eyelets too! You can make holes on leather, chipboard, fabric, tin and plastic! This puncher cost $79.95 ( Singapore Dollars), but right now there is sale - 40% discount! I paid $47.95 for this! GOOD BUY!
FYI, this puncher is available in 2 colours, Pink and Green

I bought some mini eyelets and brads too

Some small showcase boxes for my collection!

Look! These 4 miniature needle felted animals are made by Katie Fulford (Loveable Treasures) from Canada =)
Thanks for visiting our blog today ^.^

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank you for coming to our show =)

I want to thank all who came to our 'Bears on Parade Online Show' last weekend =)
Many thanks for your support and special thanks to a lady from USA for adopting my Jester Bear, Wonderwise. He is on his way to new home!

Here are 4 of the Parade Bears still looking for good homes, if you would like to adopt them you may send me an email: or visit Wayneston Bears Website.

Thanks for popping by my blog, wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday. Yeah one more day to Friday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dinner with Esther

Yesterday night, I had a wonderful dinner with our local bear artist, Esther Lee. She is one of the pioneer bear artists in Singapore.

We had a healthy dinner - SALADS!!! Yes, both of us love salads, I ate them just like the way I ate junk food. LOL
After dinner, we shared the bears we bought and started taking pictures with them =) The 2 mice belongs to me and the blue bear belongs to Esther. All the 3 creations were made by US artist, Janice Woodard the creator of Booh Bears. Aren't they adorable? We hope you will enjoy these pictures.

I am going off to sleep, good night! =D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bears on Parade Show has started!

Hi everyone, just  a reminder that the online show has started!

I have 5 parade bears now available for immediate adoption.
Visit or
and join in the fun! =)

I would love to hear some of your comments on my bears too!
Have a great weekend!

Starting in less than 4 hours!!!

The Bears on Parade Show will start in less than 4 hours!
Come see wonderful creations from 75 international teddy bear artists! The show begins Friday, July 15 at 4pm New York time and runs through 4pm on Sunday, July 17
Singapore Time: Saturday 4am

Cya there! =)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi friends, I know that I have not been actively updating my blog lately :x
Just to let you know that I am still working with my bears but... at a slower pace. This is due to my job change and time management adjustment. I have now some new sidelines to commit hence bear making time will be reduced.

This week I am working on a squirrel, here are some pictures of him. I am crossing my fingers that he could be completed tomorrow. What is missing with him is the whiskers, waxed nose polishing and colour shadings, lastly I have to arrange a photography appointment with him. LOL

Before the Daddy gave me eyelids

Look at my eyes! =D
I have been kinda addicted to needle felting lately. It's tiring but fun... I poked my fingers a few times, I can tell that it's definitely more painful than needle pokes... :x
Here are some of the items that I have felted 2 weeks ago.

Yes.. Just Balls

Guess what am I doing?
I have used some of these felted objects to accessorise my bears for "Bear on Parade" show, which will be held next week (July 15-17). I hope you could give us some of your support, do come and visit us ok? :)

I hope you have a lovely & blessed weekend.

Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Teddies Worldwide - Bears on Parade Show has started!

The preview for the Teddies Worldwide - Bears on Parade Show has started! Here is my Jester Bear specially created to join all of the other beautiful bears made by 75 artists worldwide. I would appreciate if you can vote for him =)

The 4 other bears that I have created specially for the show are also completed, I have to spend my day taking some photographs and building the online show site. Next week, I am going to create another new animal =) Have a great weekend!

Wayneston Bears is featured on I Love Teddies Website - July

I want to thanks Chrissie ( for the interview =)
You may read more about me and my bears at this link. I have saved print screen image and merged the screen shots together as shown below.

I am so excited to see the preview bears for the "Teddies Worldwide Bears on Parade Show!" It's just a few hours to the preview! I am going to rest early tonight and visit the website tomorrow morning.

Good night my friends, I hope your enjoy reading the interview =)