Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bear On Parade Show Preview on 1st July!

I am proud to announce that Wayneston Bears will be participating in the "Teddies Worldwide - Bears on Parade Online show"! Yippeee!!!

You can see the show preview bears on 1st July and the event offically kicks off on the 15th July. "Bears on Parade" will feature 75 artists from 12 countries offering bears of all styles, sizes and colors to fit all budgets.

We hope to see you there =)

Hugs, Wayne

Friday, June 24, 2011

New place - coping well

Dear friends,

I have started my new job this monday, so far everything is good and running smoothly =)
The hardest thing to do is waking up early in the morning at 6.30am and I am still having difficulties adapting to the time change. My previous job was near my house, it starts at 9.30am and I can leave my house at 9am.

My current working time is slightly longer than previous one, every night after my work I felt so tired that I find it hard to work on my bears. I guess from now on I can only work on them on weekends :(
I hope next week will be better.

I am tired... I need more sleep!
The Bears on Parade show bears are almost done, I have completed 5 of them. Now I need to polish their noses and accessorising them before the show! I hope to complete them by this week, so that next week onwards I can work on some new bears or animals =)

I have also recently received some soft raw wool for needle felting from a lovely friend, I will try to find some time to do some experiment =) Thinking of them makes me feel so excited.

Please bear with me for not sharing any new creations these few weeks, I know it's hard and I feel uneasy for not sharing any updates with you... please come back again ok?

Maybe you could write me a comment to suggest any animals you would like to see me working on?
I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.

Hugs, Wayne

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thoughts to share this week

Last Friday was my last day working day and I had a whole week break before starting my new job =)

I kept telling myself that I am going to make this week an experience to become a full time bear artist. This few days, I make bears for the July online "Bears on Parade" show and also catch up with school friends. I have met many people this week and I learnt a lot from listening and sharing.

I am enjoying this moment of the time because I am stress-free and doing what I want =) I wish I could enjoy this longer... I have been thinking a lot this week on what I want in life and have attended a few self enrichment inspirational workshops.

In the workshop everyone is so positive; it really influences you to be one of them. We shared our dreams and visions and shared how and what we have done to move towards our goals. We even created our own dream book with images. Everyone has a different story to tell and a different journey ahead to the end point. This is something I have always been searching for – what I want in life. Everyone has a dream but did not execute. As we age, our dreams become smaller and smaller, eventually it disappears with time :( We have spent so much time working in our life and therefore lesser time to think about our dreams and spending less time with our family. We have to work really hard in order to exchange time for money. I do not want to fulfil my dreams at the age of 60...

I have a dream and I am going to embrace it. I know what I want and I am going to succeed.
Let's think about what we want now and plan to act on it =)

Sewing a new Wayneston Baby =D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jaslynn & Rowell are featured on Teddy Bear Review 2011

Wow, I received a PDF version of the latest TBR (August issue) and 2 of my monkees creations are featured on one of the page!

I am going to share the article here, click to enlarge. Hope that you will enjoy reading =)
Thank you and have a beautiful Sunday!

Jaslynn & Rowell is here!

The results are out!

The results of the Australian Creative Design Awards are out!
Congratulations to all the winners =)

You can view the website here:

Thank you to all for your support and votes for my Squirrel Walnut =)

Walnut - Nominee for The Australian Creative Design Awards 2011
I have listed Walnut on Bear Pile, he is available for immediate adoption. Take a peek here.
Thank you and have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

My A,B,Cs

About Myself =)

A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: King
C. Chore that you hate: Sweeping
D. Dogs: 0
E. Essential start to your day:  Coffee
F. Favorite color:  Green!
G. Gold or Silver: Gold
H. Height: I hate this question... SKIP! :p
I. Instruments you play: 0
J. Job title: Soft Sculpture Artist / Product Designer
K. Kids: 0
L. Live:  Singapore
M. Mother’s name:  Mum
N. Nicknames: Xiao Qing (Little Green) / Aiken (Poly school friends calls me this)
O. Overnight hospital stays: 0
P. Pet peeve:  None
Q. Quote from a movie: Raise and raise until the lambs become lions (Robin Hood)
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 1 brother and 2 sisters
T. Time you wake up: 7am
U. Underwear: Solid colours
V. Vegetable you hate: Brinjals, ladiesfingers (They are art pieces to me)
W. What makes you run late: 0
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental
Y. Yummy food that you make:  None :(
Z. Zoo animal: Bears, penguines, monkeys and many more!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Panda Marshmallow is here in Wayneston Town!

Hey, take a look here. We have a new baby boy in town! His name is Marshmallow, he is made of soft white and black alpaca.

Little Marshmallow has a double neck joint, this allows him to tilt his neck and head into various angles and positions.

I have also handmade a necklace for him too, this necklace is made with precious stones, mirco gold coloured beads and a golden bell. Have I ever mentioned before that I used to do beading before i make bears? Haha... I will share more of my beading creations with you the next time =)

I love beading too!

I hope you will enjoy viewing pictures of my new bear, hope that he makes you smile =)
Good night my friends...zzz

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Durian Fiest with friends!

I had a wonderful Durian Fiest with friends yesterday night at Goodwood Park Hotel. Thanks to Tingle for organizing this gathering, we had a wonderful time enjoying the durian treat! Yummy!

According to my Tingle, right now is the season for durians and Goodwood Hotel has a durian dessert buffet once a year. In order for me to enjoy this scrumptious buffet, I chose not to take any lunch and went with an empty stomach =)

Not all people love durians, some of them dislike them because of their unique odour. But to some of us the smell is fragrance! LOL... In fact sometimes my dad would buy some home and we had them for dinner, trust me... eating a few of these makes you feel full!

Do you know that we named the durian as King of Fruits? The durians are grown only at humid regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia etc. If you ever had a chance to visit these places, do stop by the fruits store to try some =)

Image of Durian

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Making a tough decision

One month ago, I have finally made up my mind... I have sent my resignation letter.

I have been working 3 years at a toy museum as a designer and I really love this job. I love the vintage toys and teddies! However as time pass... things have changed (I really don't know what happened). I am not going to share more about the "changes", but plans to next step of my life.

Of course, I am not an impulsive person; I have found a new job and will be starting end of the month. I will have a senior designer to learn from,  I am going to improve myself and add new projects into my portfolio. I might have to work overtime and on Saturdays, hence lesser bear making time :( It's sad isn't it? I now have little time to do what I want...

Maybe this is the reality in Singapore, we need to work really hard to get what we want, the standard of living just keep getting higher and higher :x

Nevertheless bear making/toy designing is still my dream and I will never give up! I know that one day I am going to see the world and the world is going to see me with my creations. When there is a will, there is a way!

Alright I am going back to bear making, I might have a new bear to show you tomorrow =)
*P.S: The 20% discount Special Thank You Sale ends this Saturday!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Australian Creative Design Awards is now open!

The 2011 Australian Creative Design Awards is now open! You can now adopt your favourite creations here and vote for them here. Have fun! =)