Friday, January 27, 2017

Gong Xi Fa Cai and a Happy Prosperous New Year!

Wishing all Gong Xi Fa Cai and
a Happy Prosperous New Year!

From all our us at:
Wayneston Studios & Wayneston Bears

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fun Fur Day & Lunar New Year Gathering 21 January 2017

We had a successful Fun Fur Day event last weekend with a total of 12 attendees!
L-R: Andrey. Anna, Wayne, Chio, Eileen, Esther, Evelyn, Paula, Winnie, Su Ling, Ivy and Philip
This time, we have special guests - Anna Filatova and Andrey Blokhin from Russia! To our surprise, their new born son Peter who is just 7 months old joined our gathering!

We were all excited to meet them again as the last time we met was more than 2 years ago! The dinner was held in Keisuke Tokyo, a ramen restaurant. We were grateful to have a private room for our gathering!

We were all surprised and excited when we saw Peter. He has a pair of beautiful eyes and everyone couldn't stop looking at him. Very soon, Peter was passed around for everyone to have a closer look. Peter was well behaved and comfortable being with strangers as he was giggling the whole time.

Welcome on board, Eileen!

Esther also introduced her relative, Eileen Tan, to the group. Eileen specialises in crochet and knitting, showing us some of her beautiful bears and wearable art.

Esther and her new creation
We were also pleased to welcome Evelyn back to our gathering as she was overseas for over 6 months!

Anna told us that our group's skill in Bear making has improved since the last time we met. Although she wasn't in Singapore with us, she has been following us closely and saw improvements of our works through social media. We were also delighted that she agreed to be the judge for our Christmas Bear Competition in 2017.

Evelyn and Winnie
After dinner, we decided to have coffee at Cedele Bakery, which is around the vicinity. We sat down to have coffee and cakes, mingling and catching up with each other.

Su Ling and Ivy, who are Anna's collectors, brought some of Anna's bears to take a group photo together with Anna. We posed for pictures and at then the end of it all, took a group photo.
Congratulations to Paula, winner of a contest. Prize contributed by Chio
Wayne, Anna and Chio
Su Ling, Ivy and Philip with Anna

At 10pm, we bid goodbye our dear friends and we hope to meet Anna and Andrey in Singapore again. Who knows, perhaps we might visit them in Russia instead!


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Make a Bunny Workshop in February

Hi everyone!

Above are the details to our next Bunny Workshop.
There are 3 more seats available!

Register your interest with Wayne at:


Monday, January 16, 2017

Koko the Chick is now available for adoption!

Celebrate the year of Rooster! We are pleased to introduce our brand new design!

Koko is now available for adoption on our website.

koko has now been adopted! Thank you! =)


Friday, January 13, 2017

WIP another new chicky!

Hi everyone!

We are working on another new chicky, her name is Kiki.
Available soon on our website, stay tuned!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lunch with Jena and his mum

Two days ago, we had two very special guests coming all the way from England to Singapore! Jena, who is one of the biggest antique bear collector in UK, came to Singapore for the very first time with his mum!

Jena owns many bears mostly in Mint condition and because of his love & passion in collecting Teddy Bears, he has been featured on several publications as well as television programmes.

Wayne specially arranged to bring Jena and his mum to the Mint Museum of Toys, a place where Wayne had previously worked at. In the museum, there are plenty of vintage Teddy Bears and toys on display which Wayne thinks they would be interested in. Wayne also arranged to have his friend Richard Tan, the curator of the Toy Museum, to give them a guided tour.

Richard, curator of the Mint Museum of Tour giving a guided tour

Richard brought them around through the several floors of vintage toys and teddy bears, providing interesting snippets of historic information which people may not know about. We could see Jena's interest in toys as he took out his mobile phone and started to take pictures right away!

After the museum guided tour, we brought Jena and his mum to Sin Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant to try local Hainanese Chicken rice and other local dishes. Jena's mum told us her last visit to Singapore was 35 years ago! She love Singapore as it is very clean and safe.

Jena shared with us his knowledge in collecting and maintaining bears during lunch. It was very interesting to learn the various techniques to maintain and preserve antique bears. Most of them suffer from "wear and tear" due to humidity and rough handling. Jena also shared ways to minimise damage to bears when cleaning them.

Jena shared some of his bears he had brought along with him. Wayne and Philip quickly "bearnap" his three polar bears made by Svetlana Khabarova to take a picture with them!

Back Row L-R: Wayne, Irene and Philip
Front Row L-R: Esther, Jena's Mum, Jena and Richard
We had a wonderful lunch with them and gained fruitful knowledge about Antique Teddy Bears as well. We hope to meet them soon again next time in London! We would like to specially thank Richard for giving us an educational guided tour of the Toy Museum, and Philip, Esther and Irene for joining us!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

STBL Dinner with Australian Bear Artists, Brian and Kay Cooper!

Back Row L-R: Brian, Paula, Esther, Winnie, Valerie and Wayne
Front Row L-R: Kay, Su Ling, Philip and Chio S.K
The Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers group met up with Australian Bear Artists Brian & Kay Cooper last Friday night!

As they had a layover in Singapore before their connecting flight to Hong Kong the next day, they specially met up with us for dinner!

Everyone was excited to meet them again as the last time they visited Singapore was 2 years ago. Both of them were also the judges for our very first Christmas Bear Competition organised in 2015!

Wayne specially reserved a table for 10 people at Paradise Dynasty at Changi Airport Terminal 3. We were glad that most people were able to make it for meetup with Brian & Kay Cooper and have dinner together!

As soon as everyone arrived, Brian & Kay generously gave each of us a Cooper Bear Calendar 2017 as gifts. After welcoming them, we took out our bears to share with them.

Kay receives a handmade bracelet from Winnie!
Brian excitedly took out his latest toy, a 360 degrees viewing camera similar to Philip's, and we took a photo together! Some of us quickly "bear-napped" Kay's bear Bucket to take a picture with him as he is a celebrity in the Bear scene!

We were all slightly anxious before the dinner as we were unsure whether the Chinese dishes were to their liking. Thankfully, we were relieved to hear that they both enjoyed the dinner!

Wayne also ordered a birthday cake specially to celebrate the birthdays of both Su Ling and Philip! After dinner, Brian & Kay shared their plans for 2017 and we also discussed the possibility of having another Cooper Bear Competition again!

It was a great meetup with Brian & Kay Cooper and we look forward to meeting them again soon!