Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fun with Pico Dragons

This is the very first time Wayneston Studios has organised such an event!

Last week, Wayneston Studios hosted "Fun with Pico Dragons" and we were excited to see four participants attending the event.

L-R: Chio, Wayne, Philip, Su Ling and Carmel

To join this event, participants purchased a Plamodel Pico Dragon (Viloet or Ashes) from Wayneston Studios and enjoyed the complimentary session to D.I.Y and apply basic make-up on their Pico dragon.

The participants were all very friendly and we had a great time assembling and customising our unique Pico Dragon! First, we gave the dragons light sanding with fine graded sand papers and used a dry paint brush to apply pastel colours onto the various areas which we wanted to highlight. Lastly after the shading, we gave the dragon a coat of glitter for the finishing touches and prayed fixatives to seal the paint. In a few hours, the dragons all appeared to be colourful and painted in our unique style!

Pico Dragons' makeup by everyone!

Wayne's Pico Dragon

Thank you Philip, Chio, Carmel, Su Ling for joining us! We look forward to meeting you in our next event!

Wayne Lim

Friday, January 19, 2018

Make-a-Bear Workshop 18 & 30 December 2017

We have a wonderful group of four students attending our last Teddy Bear Workshop before we bid good bye to 2017.

The four students namely, Christine, Jen, Choy Har and Aaron learnt how to create a Teddy Bear from Wayne.

L-R: Aaron, Christine, Jen and Choy Har
As the four participants have never made a Teddy Bear before, Wayne share the rules and principles of bear-making in great detail.

Wayne shared the importance of choosing the right fur for the right project and identifying the fur pile direction before cutting the fur.

Although first timers, the participants were able to sew nicely and displayed great dexterity with their fingers. After the two-day classes, they have all completed the Teddy Bears and the smiles on their faces seemed to indicate that their efforts have been all  worthwhile!

At the end of the creative session, we took a group photo together with our trophies (Teddy Bears).

L-R: Aaron, Christine, Choy Har and Jen
Thank you Christine, Jen, Choy Har and Aaron for joining our workshop. We look forward to meeting you again!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers' 3rd X'mas Competition 2017

Front Row: Philip, Grace, Su Ling, Esther, Evelyn, Valerie and Rachel
Back Row: Chio, Irene, Ivy, Paula, Wayne, Winnie, Michelle and Eileen
(Not in picture: Carmel, Amanda, Joyce, Lily and Hui Chien)

We are pleased to have Ms Anna Filatovia from Russia as the judge for our Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers' 3rd Competition.

This event, hosted by Wayne, aimed to promote self-learning and improvement. With today's increasing hectic lifestyles, this event was important for the group, because it provided a form of motivation and push for everyone to complete at least one Teddy Bear in a year and the opportunity to grow together as a team.

Our Teddy Bears created from Anna's pattern.
There was a total of 20 participants, twice the participation compared to last year!

The theme “Funny Tea Party” gave everyone a new breakthrough and excitement. Breaking away from the traditional Christmas theme, this was the time for everyone to be innovative and think out-of-the-box. It showed that bear-making has gone far beyond just making a simple bear itself, but calls for a spark of creativity and originality. We are continuously striving to improve ourselves in every way we can. So this competition gave everyone an opportunity to explore endless possibilities, with each bear having their own story to tell.

For those who have participated in this competition, they soon realised that the pattern created by Anna, who is a Russia artist is very different from the regular patterns we had made before. This has given us the opportunity to learn from a new concept of teddy bear design.

We congratulate Irene Goh and Winnie Koh for emerging champions in the Advance and Beginner’s category respectively and Paula Loh for winning the People's Choice Award. For those who completed the bears but did not win a prize, we urge them not to feel disappointed, as everyone who took part in this competition are winners. The experience we have all gained from this competition is invaluable.

Irene Goh, Winner of the Advance Category

Winnie Koh, Winner of the Beginner Category
Paula Loh, Winner of the People's Choice Award
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna Filatova, Anastasia and Katherine Filatova for being the judges for this event, and for contributing the generous prizes to the winners and participants.

We believe that this year will be another exciting year for us. This time, we are going to explore making bigger bears – another challenge as most of us have never made a BIG bear before. Thank you Ms Tami Eveslage for agreeing to be judge for this year’s competition.

Su Ling and Eileen

Winnie and Esther

Winnie and her bear, Amelia

Irene and her bear, Berry Sweet

Chio and his bear, Xiao Huang Xiong

Su Ling and her bear, Bubbles

Philip and his bear, Blueno

Rachel and her bear, Okashi the Pastel Patisserie

Michelle and her bear, Scar Oneh

Valerie and her bear, Chef David

Grace and her bear, Samantha

Wayne and his bear, Willy Sleepy Pants

Evelyn and her bear, Ben

Eileen and her bear, Toffee

Paula and her bear, Jacob Elliot

Esther and her bear, Marmalade

Ivy and her bear, Dorothy Bella
Jake by Joyce Lim
Betty Blue by Carmel Ooi

Forget me not by Hui Chien

Aris by Lily Poh

Sacher by Amanda Lee
Last, we would like to thank all our Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers members for their active participation and we look forward to seeing their beautiful and creative Teddy Bears for this year's competition.