Sunday, May 29, 2011

A very special thank you sale - Just for you =)

It has been a while since I last updated my "Lovely Friends That View My Blog", yesterday I have typed in 2 more countries. So in total, I have friends from 56 different countries who viewed my blog! and what's more, my facebook fan page has now 362 fans =) Yippee, thank you so much for viewing my blog, facebook and website and not forgeting the lovely comments you have wrote on my wall and blog.

So I have decided to have a Special Thank You Sale just for you - newsletter subscribers, followers of my blog, the Hive and Facebook =) Your encouragement are always important to me, these are the means that I find motivation to keep on going... pushing myself over the limits.

All of you are my little angels, you bought me light and you are my stars =)
I hope you will enjoy this special sale. Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I can't comment on blogs???

I will vry disappointed with blogger this week, I have been trying lot of ways to comment on my blog and other friends blog but I can't...

I really didn't know what to do, is anyone facing this problem? After typing my comments and I select my goggle account with my email and password inserted into the text box, it keeps going back to the main page that I have to type email and password again!!!

This is so frustrating! HELP HELP! :(

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor Photography with Walnut

Today is such a nice day, great weather, I love the sun and it's so cooling =)
Hence, I bought Walnut to the nearby park for outdoor photography and with the help of my friend, here are some of the pictures.

I am not vain... LOL... these pictures are requested by the administrator of the Bear Artists Online & The ACD Awards for magazine and website.

Have you voted for your favourite animal/creations yet? Click on this link:
What's more all the critters will be available for adoption too!

I am proud to say Walnut is one of the 10 nominees chosen by the judges, he has given me more confidence to take up future bear making competitions.

Here are some of the pictures of Walnut that I want to share with you again, I hope you will enjoy these pictures.

Time flies, tomorrow is Monday again. Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!
Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anndrina is now available on Bear Pile

Greeting to all my friends,

I want to introduce a new bear in Wayneston Town, here is Anndrina the pink bear =)
She is approximate 8.5" tall, made of soft light pink mohair. She wears a ruffle and is now available on Bear Pile.

This week, I have received the 2011 TACDA Nominee award trophy and Walnut the squirrel is back home after the hand of judging. I have also received the wonderful and helpful feedbacks from 3 judges. Each of them has given me professional critiques on my creation, these comments are very important to me and will help to improve on my bear making skills. I would like to thanks the 3 judges for the lovely comments too =) You made my day!

Now that I have received Walnut and the trophy, I need to take a nice picture of myself with them...hopefully this could be done this week! I will share more pictures with you when they are done.

We wish you a blessed and wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wayneston Baby Brownie

Baby Brownie is a new Wayneston Baby, he is made of soft dense brown mohair and I have made him a green mohair base, I know he would be happy to lie or sit on it.

I am feeling hungry and thought of Brownie when I finish him... hence, he has got this name!
He is now available and looking for new dad/mum. You may view more pictures of him in Bear Pile.

I am now working on a few bears for the "Bears on Parade" online show. More updates here when the date is near!

Have a beautiful day everyone =)

Hurray I have won this!

Isn't this wonderful? I just checked my email and realised that I have won a give-away from Julius King Designs! Yippee! What a lucky day! Can't wait to see this piece of soft pink faux fur... I am wondering how cute a Wayneston Bear will look with this beautiful fur =)

Thank you Bec! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nutella the Squirrel / Happy Mama's Day!

Today I am listing Nutella on Bear Pile, you can see more pictures of him here.
I really love and enjoy making this cute little squirrel, I hope you will like him too =)

Today is Mothers' Day, we had a gathering at grandma's house. Look at how happy my grandma, aunties and my mum is. We have so much fun!

Happy Mothers' Day to all Mothers, Grandmas and Mummies of Wayneston Bears!!!!
We hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends =)


Hugs, Wayne

Friday, May 6, 2011

Walnut is nominated in the Australasian Creative Design Awards!

Before I left for my trip to Thailand, I have working hard on this squirrel named Walnut specially for the ACDA competition. He has made me proud because he has been selected as one of the nominated pieces!

This is my first time entering a competition, I am pretty nervous and surprise that he has been nominated =)
Now that the hands of judging is over, we are allowed to show our pieces =)

This year's competition theme is for create something with the inspiration from the works of Beatrix Potter.
It's kinda difficult for me, however I decide to pick up this challenge because I love to create critters!

I hope you enjoy viewing Walnut and you can now view all the nominated animals here and vote for your favourite here.

Wayne and Walnut wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and weekend =)

Art Fair By Local Artists 4-5 May 2011

Special thanks to Cook Creative for organising an Art event for the local artists at the Fort Canning Park. This 2 days event have been a fruitful one, I have met artists from different art field - Painters, Polymer clay artists, Miniature artists, Floral artists and sculpture artists.

It's amazing that even though all of us are doing different things, but we could click together to share different art techniques to acheive different effects. How wonderful it is to share ideas with people of the same wavelength =)

My table of bears

Bear Making Demonstration
Pretty sisters that make miniature handicrafts

Group photo with my bears

Miniature made by Jess Chen
Miniature mooncake store made by Jess Chen

Miniature Sushi Store made by Jess Chen

Polymer Clay Art by Chalene Chan (

Polymer Clay Art by Chalene Chan (

Charlene has an active blog, you can visit to view more of her beautiful handmade creations =) 

Group Photo Left to Right (Sherry, Casey, Lee, Me, Praema and Laila)
Abstract painting by Laila

Event organiser Casey Chen (Above are his creations - 50 cents coin and Bill the teddy)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art Fair at Fort Canning Centre

Dear all,
Wayneston Bears will be participating in the Art Fair next wed and thur at the Fort Canning Centre. Do pop by to say Hello if you are there =)

Showing casing the best collection of soft sculpture creations by Wayne Lim, 
Wayne will be doing a teddy bear making demonstration too =) See you there!

This event is held on these days:
4 May (9am - 8pm)
5 May (9am - 6pm)

Project Fried Rice (PFC): Art Fair By Local Artists is a two day event that will be held at the Underground Gallery, Fort Canning Centre (in Fort Canning Park) in conjunction with Boutiques from 4 - 5 May 2011.

Project Fried Rice aims to bring together a collection of local art pieces, from young and established artists, from any artists who actively practices arts in Singapore, and present them as one aesthetic gallery show to the public.
For more information, please visit:

This event is held in conjunction with Boutiques, and is free to public.