Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Singapore Teddy Bear Club - First Gathering

We organised our very first Singapore Teddy Bear Club gathering last Saturday afternoon. As it was the very first meet up, we decided to choose a centralised location, which is a McDonald's beside Bras Basah Complex.

L-R: Philip, Wayne, Evelyn and Irene

In the end, only 4 of the 7 confirmed people turned up for the gathering. Those who didn't turn up was due to work and bad weather. Although the response was not very positive, we are sure that the next meetup will be better.

Nevertheless, we have a wonderful afternoon talking about bears. Wayne also shared with Evelyn how to do the closing for the bear's head which was already prepared.

We displayed our bears on the table and had a group photo taken.

We look forward to the next STBC Gathering and hope you can join us! The details of the next meetup will be announced in the meetup group in a couple of days time.

Wishing all a wonderful day.

Hugs, Wayne

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wayneston Bears 6th Anniversary Blog Give-away

We are delighted to announce that Wayneston Bears is celebrating its 6th Anniversary this month! We have indeed come a long way!

Some highlights of the year includes....

Brisbane Winter Wonderland Bears & Dolls Show 2014
It was another exciting experience for us to exhibit once more in Australia. The weather was really nice and cooling. We are pleased to have met some of our Australian friends again, especially Margaret Burke, Tracey Sully, Laraine White, Ann-Marie Cole, Robyn & Alph Gan, Linda Bean, Stephanie Raye, Susan Leigh, Geoff and Valma Bolton.

A very friendly collector from Brisbane

Dinner with my Beary Friends at the Eat Streets Market

After the wonderful event, we had a scrumptious dinner at Eat Streets Market. I really do hope to meet you all again soon!

Australian Bear Creations Magazine
We want to thank Ms Susan Leigh for sharing our 'Singapore Teddy Bear Show' review on the Australian Bear Creations Magazine which was featured on Volume 18. No.6.

Intermediate Class - Make a Panda Workshop
Our very first Intermediate Class, Make a Panda Workshop in July 2014, saw 5 participants coming to learn new techniques to apply on their teddy bears. Some of the techniques learnt in the two lessons were needle sculpting on paws and foot pads to create little fingers and toes to enhance the realistic look of their pandas and stitching 2 different coloured mohair together on the face and body of their pandas.

The workshop was a success and they were able to apply the same techniques for their other creations.

Teddy & Co. Magazine Oct/Nov 2014

We want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Richard Backschas for sharing our story and creations with the community in Germany. We are very pleased as it is the very first time being featured on a German Magazine. We hope that this is just the beginning of more to come!

Channel 8, "Super Family" 超級一家
We are honored to be casted in the role as a Teddy Bear Instructor in the kids programme, Super Family aired on 28 December 2014. Although it's our 2nd time being in a local production, it brings about new experiences and excitement for us.

We are glad to be able to assist the little girl, Pei Fen to complete a cute little bear as a gift to her sister. Special thanks to Wawa Pictures and all the production film crew for their professional support to make this programme a success. 

*Below is the video link for your viewing. :)

Make a Valentine Day Bear Workshops
We have specially created 2 different Valentine Day Bear Workshops to cater to different groups of people. One was a regular two-days workshop while the other was a one-day 5 hours workshop.

Although it was our first time doing so, many signed up for the workshops! In total, Two "one-day" workshop and One "two-days" workshops were organised. One of the workshops was conducted in Singapore Island Country Club! The workshops were well received and we hope to continue to improve on the bear designs and patterns for new workshops in the near future.

Wayneston Bears 6th Anniversary Blog Give-away

We would also like to thank all readers, facebook fans, collectors and friends for your continued support and we are confident that 2015 will be the most exciting year yet!

A special thanks to Wawa Pictures, Australian Bear Creations Magazine and Teddy Bear & Co. Magazine for the opportunity to feature Wayneston Bears.

Last but not least, as a tradition, we are doing a Blog Give-away!
There will be 4 prizes to be given away. Below are the 5 steps to increase your chances to win our grand prize (1st & 2nd) - A Wayneston Bear! (Including free shipping worldwide) =)

1st Prize: Wayneston Bear, Louis (6 inches Tall) - Jester Bear
2nd Prize: Wayneston Bear, Melford (8.5 inches Tall) - Open Mouth Bear
3rd Prize: Scruffy the Mouse PDF Pattern
4th Prize: Scruffy the Mouse PDF Pattern

Below are the 5 extra chances for you to win! Good Luck!

1) Leave a comment here and you will be added into the draw list.
2) Become a follower of this blog (Let us know if you have done so).
3) Become a fan on Wayneston Bears Facebook Fan Page (Let me know your user name) and MUST post a comment on the Facebook Give-away Photo.
4) Join my mailing list.
5) Share my give-away button on your blog or website/facebook (Kindly let me know your blog/website link)

The winners will be 
announced on 17 May 2015. The two Grand Winners (1st & 2nd) will receive Wayneston Bears (Louis/Melford) and the shipping fee will be fully paid by me ^.^
PDF Patterns will be sent via email to 3rd & 4th winner of this event.

Emails will be sent to the winners on that day, if there is no reply from the winner/s within 2 days, the next winner will be drawn. Good Luck! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Names that have been added into the draw list ^.^ , I will update periodically:

  1. Christine Susan Jacobs
  2. Marina Maliapen
  3. Karlene Cadman
  4. Fion
  5. Vionna
  6. Barbara Hodgetts
  7. Irina (NarinaNäpertää)
  8. Susan Douma
  9. Ying Yip Cheng 
  10. Kati Kainulainen
  11. Rain
  12. Kris Tiina
  13. Valerie Rogers
  14. Leanne Mansfield
  15. Irina Salrina Saarenmaki
  16. Brenda Pollock-Smith
  17. Bernadette Heffernan
  18. Marilyn March
  19. Deb Rebbeck
Thank you for all your participation the event is now closed.
We will announce the results later this week.
Please visit our blog again to view the results :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! =)

Thank you to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! We are surprised to see more than 100+ Birthday wishes on Facebook! We will continue to strive to improve ourselves and create many many more beautiful Wayneston Bears. Have a great week ahead everyone!heart emoticon

Stay tuned for our Wayneston Bears 6th Anniversary Blog Give-away!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Special Vistors - Brian and Kay Cooper from Australia!

We are delighted to meet two new friends from Australia last Friday! We welcomed them, they are Brian and Kay Cooper of Cooper Bears. We have known Kay Cooper from many years on the social media and teddy bear websites, however this is the very first time to meet her in real person.

Kay Cooper is one of the most reputable bear artist in Australia (Perth), she has been making Teddy Bears for more than 20 years! She is not only a passionate teddy bear artist, she too owns a craft store and is a teacher who delicate her life to teach bear making for the last 2 decades.

Her husband, Brian is a friendly man. He supports her in the business and assist in the preparation of bear making.

L-R: Kay, Wayne, Brian and Marcia

They came to Singapore for a week for a holiday. We have arranged a lunch gathering at the Mongolian Restaurant and welcomed them. The Singapore Teddy Bears Lovers was excited to meet and greet Brian & Kay.

The food was served in a buffet style, soon everyone take their own servings and we started enjoying the delicacy and chatted away.

It was the 2nd time Kay visited Singapore, she told us that she loved Singapore and was thrilled to see how much change it has evolved since her last visit which was more than 10 years ago. Kay showed us her travelling bear, named Buckle and passed him around for everyone to admire and say hi to him.

Irene, brought along her travelling bear too and she took a picture of her with Bucket! Bucket is really happy to meet lots of new friends in Singapore.

Cooper Bear, Bucket and Irene's bear

Irene and Kay with their handmade bears

In the midst of our lunch, we took out our bears and showed them to Brian and Kay. One of the signature look that Cooper Bears have is the hand sculpted polymer nose on the bear. Cooper Bears portrays a whimsical, playful and endearing look. They always give people a "Bring me home!" look.

Cooper Bears Pattern - gift from Brian and Kay

Soap Teddy Bear - gift from Brian and Kay

Brian and Kay gave everyone a beautiful Teddy Bear Soap Figurine and a Cooper Bear Pattern (in the pattern are the instructions to create our very own Cooper Bear!). Wayne and Philip gave Easter Eggs chocolates to everyone and gave a bag of Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky) to Brian and Kay as a token of appreciation.

Easter Eggs and Bunnies from Wayne and Philip

A group photo with our gifts from Brian and Kay. Thank you!

At the end of the day, we took a group photo together with our bears and a short video clip to say Hi too.

L-R: Chio, Kay, Brian and Philip

L-R: Evelyn, Kay and Brian

L-R: Su Ling, Kay, Brian and Marcia
We hope to meet Brian and Kay again in Australia or in Singapore again next time. Till then! :)


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Bunnies are out to play!

We are very pleased to introduce 2 of our very latest creation to celebrate Easter with everyone!

These pair of cheerful Easter Bunnies are named Belle & Thumper. Both are 7 inch tall, made from soft alpaca fur. (Excluding the ears)

I have also specially dressed them up so that the couple can go on a excursion or picnic together, and of course not forgetting the Easter eggs! The eggs are beautifully hand drawn and painted with lacquer finishing.

In addition, the ears and arms of the bunnies have wired armatures! You can bend and pose them to your liking.

Belle and Thumper are now available on Artist Bear International and Bear Pile.

Artist Bears International:

Bear Pile:
We wish you all a wonderful Easter and happy holidays!

Hugs, Wayne