Monday, August 29, 2011

Mustard the brown bear

Hello everyone! Here's a new bear that I have created this week! His name is Mustard, let's welcome him to Wayneston Town =)

Mustard is 8 inches tall, made of alpaca, very soft and curdly. I have give him eyelids too which can be adjusted to give him a sleepy look. His nose is needle felted then painted with many layers of acrylic, sanded and sealed, this give it a wooden feel.

Mustard wears a necklace handmade by me and comes with a wooden spoon with fish engraving.
I hope you like his pictures. He is now available for adoption on my website.

Wishing all my friends, Selamat Hari Raya! Hope you enjoy the holiday =)
Hugs, Wayne

Baby Lavigne is having fun!

Here are some of the pictures I took today when baby Lavigne visits us today. I enjoy taking pictures of her whenever I see her, she never failed to makes us smile, she is just so fun, active and full of expressions.

She has become a naughty baby, who gets angry easily if you doesn't pick her up, on the fan or aircon when she is hot or she is hungry. Lavigne is now able to walk on a baby walker, she can run fast and grab everything she sees! Anytime soon, I guess I better keep all my bear collections before she starts playing with them.

who r u? why are u staring at me?

so much fun!

She snatches my bear!

Bear made by my friend, Joanne Livingston. Next time i won't let her take my bear anymore!

I love my new walker

Lavigne and mummy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Churp Churp

Churp Churp is a new website which I have found lately. It's a site for bloggers to promote advertisers campaigns in return you could get back some income in return.

Refer a friend and get rewarded with $1!
Get your friends to join Churp Churp and start sharing to get rewards! We're giving you $1 for every friend you invite into our community, so what are you waiting for? Get your friends to jump on board and be part of the excitement today! The more, the merrier!

I think it would be fun to share with your friends on the latest happenings, trends and brands that you like and love. All you need to do is to join as a member to participate. What's more, the membership is FREE! I am going to try this out as every small amount counts... I might be able to buy a bear with these $$$ generated.
Crossing my fingers :X

The bear that I am working on should be completed this week, can't wait to show all of you.
Take care!

Something horrible has happened to my blog :(

Last night I slept at 1.30 am trying to fix my blog :(
I had to blame myself for being a smart Alex trying to edit the blog's template. I was trying to add in some advertisments on my sitebars, I followed through the tutorial from the ad site after that, I saved and overwrite the template without looking at the preview!

Everything was too late, my sidebars are all gone and the layout arrangement on my blog are all over the place. I panicked and didn't what to do! :(

I redo and select a new template and readjusted the main page and sidebars for hours... Now it's seems ok, but I realised that sometime my sidebar would disappear, you will need to refresh the page to see them again. This is really bad! I gotta think of a way to solve this, I hope someone could help me.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My website is now able to link to my blog! Wayneston 1st tutorial =)

My friend Joanne, told me that she has linked her website to her blog. I think it's a great idea to do that. Most of the time I think that my blog has more viewers than my website, now that I can do this it would be great. I love to blog and enjoys customising buttons on my side bars, I would also say that I am more active with my blog than my website. The website is updated weekly when there is a new bear available for adoption.

My website =)

You can now click on the "website" tab above, to visit my website and vice versa.
It's simple to do it,  you can try it too. I hope this will benefit those that has a website too =)

Creating pages for your tabs. There is also a Favicon there, you may add your logo if you want =)

Click on edit pages

Click on "New Page" then insert your page information. You can have as many pages you want.
Click View to get your website URL, to be inserted into your "Link List"

Go to your dashboard then click on the design tab

Select add a gadget (top or bottom of the page)

Select "Link List"

Insert the number of tabs you want. *New Site URL, please see above! 

Place your "Link List" below your header

That's it! Isn't that simple? I hope this tutorial is helpful, do share with us your blog if you have done this too, we would love to see =)

Have a great day! Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Swap with my favorite bear artist, Joanne Livingston

Joanne Livingston (Desertmountainbear) is one of the famous award winning bear artist based in US. She has been making dolls and bears since 1980's. Joanne's creations has always been an inspiration to me since the first day I have become a bear artist. I love her realistic and cute bears, they fit into the category of my liking.

Joanne's has a blog too, sometimes she would share tips on bear making and this also encourage artists to try out new techniques and challenges. One of the thing that admire about her is her positive attitude and daring to try out new things. When you have time, I would highly recommend her blog as I am sure you will learn from her as much as I do.

Last year November we have agreed to do a swap this year, I am excited. Both of us set an agreement to make a monkey and a bear as our swap. Joanne has given me encouragement and asked me to try something different that I have never done before - Needle felting a face (something that i wanted to try for this year). I took up this challenge.

In the process of felting, i poked my fingers several times (causes numbness), broke a few felting needles but it was fun! No pains, no gains. Most of the time, I refer to animal pictures from the internet when crafting the animals, even though most of the time they appears to be different, I am happy that they have a touch of Wayneston feel and look ^.^

I have shared in the previous post of the WIP of the monkey. Many hours has spent on the face, i enjoy it and I will be making more in the future.

This is Yarnell, specially created by Joanne. He has sleepy eyes!

Her fur is hand dyed mohair

Her muzzle and brows are needle felted and rooted with mohair

Caspian, my first Wayneston Monkey with needle felted face

His body and head is a new design

He has wired armature legs too, he can bend his legs
♥ Message to Joanne ♥
Thank you so much for agreeing to the swap, I will treasure Yarnell. He looks happy with my bears & dolls =)
Your encouragement is the source of my motivation, thank you for being a great mentor. I will strive to become a great artist ^.^

A new attempt! A monkey with felted face!

Few weeks ago I have mentioned on my blog that I have been trying to make a monkey with needle felted face. Here are some of his pictures! I have used Churro Wool to felt his face, it really felts very fast and hard! (It's so hard that I broke 2 felting needles!) It's very easy to use, in the past, I used merino wool to felt and it takes me ages to make them hard :( One of the downside of Churro is it's rough texture. Even when I used the finest needle, the surface is still coarse and rough. The next time I will try over laying other softer wool to give it a softer feel and touch.
I felted the whole face before setting the eyes, the monkey picture behind is my reference
I set the eyes

I added more details to add depth around the eyes area

Next is to paint!
This monkey is specially created for a swap with an artist, she as given me a chance to do something different. The result of this monkey might not turned out to be the best, but I have put in my heart and soul to make him. Even though some of my friends doesn't like him, but to me - I will never forget him... he is still my baby, I love him and I'll miss him. Tomorrow I will share more about our swap bears, good night =)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have u missed our blog give-away?

Dear friends, it's 22 days to the draw date of our blog give-away.
Right now there are only 15 participants, this means that you have a

Simple leave a comment at my previous blog post to enter this give-away.
So what are you waiting for? Good Luck to all! =)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wayneston Bears will be participating in The Singapore Teddy Bear Show 2011!

Dear friends,
We are proud to announce that Wayneston Bears will take part in this year's Singapore Teddy Bear Show!

What's more! This year, the Singapore Teddy Bear Show will be launching the first " Singapore International Teddy Bear Awards (SITBA). The Singapore Teddy Bear Show and Competition (SITBA) is open to all artists worldwide. Bear artists from overseas whom are interested to participate may contact the organiser Pamela at​m to obtain a copy of the show registration form and the competition entry form.

Below are the event information:
Date: Sunday, October 23
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: The Arts House
                1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

We hope to see you there! =)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TBAAF Awards is now ready to vote!

Few months ago I have took part on the TBAAF competition and now the Teddy Bear Artists and Friends Awards is now readying for voting! I have 5 of my creations each on different category.
If you some time, we hope you could drop by the website to view the wonderful creations made by international artists.
Please vote for Daxtor if you like him, thanks for your support ♥

Please vote for Jasper here ♥

Augustine my bee bear ♥

Frisbel my little squirrel ♥

Lastly my cute bunny, Toothie ♥

Thank you for your votes, have a great day!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Singapore is 46th years old this year, even though it's a public holiday I still gotta go back to work!
My new work place is a club for members, so on special occassions like this we have carnivals for members to celebrate and enjoy.

I am in charge of a booth called the Lollipop Tree, some of these lollipops has a different colour markings at the tip of the stick, whoever is lucky gets a prize for the lollipop with coloured sticks.

We have so much fun yesterday, we have Spin the Wheel, Bouncy Castle, Fishing, Bowling, Magic Show, Bean Bag Toss and Stage Performances.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wayneston Bears 2nd Blog Give-away!

I have decided to do another blog Give-away! Many thanks to everyone for your support this year, all your comments are important to me to improve myself and to give Wayneston Bears a better look!

Time flies and now it's already August, I have looked back at the things I have achieved this year. I managed to fulfill some of my new year resolutions and I am proud of myself. Here are some of my achievements this year:

1) 23 January - Celebrate the making of 100 Wayneston Bears
2) 1 April - Made the first hedgehog
3) 28 April - Featured on TBR "Fellowship of the Fur"
4) 4-5 May - Particpant in the Art Fair in Singapore
5) 6 May - First award of the year, Walnut the Squirrel Nominee for ACDA
6) 12 June - Jaslyn and Rowell the monkey Featured on TBR "Marvelous Menagerie"
7) 2 July - Featured on I Love Teddies Website
8) 15 July - Bears on Parade Online Show
9) 3 August - New design for Certificate of Authenticity
10) 7 August - Made the first monkey with needle felted face (Not revealed yet :P)

I really love to blog as this is like a diary for me, looking back at the things I have done I can see how much Wayneston Bears have evolved over the years. I am so looking forward to the day we celebrate the making of 200 Wayneston Bears and my passion is still burning =)

Candice is looking for a new home! Below are 5 chances to win her!

1) Leave a comment here and you will be added into the draw list (*You must comment here to participate)
2) Become a follower of this blog (Let me know if u have done so)
3) Become a fan on Wayneston Bears Facebook Fan Page (Let me know your user name)
4) Join my mailing list
5) Add my give-away button on your blog or website (Kindly let me know your blog link)

The winner will be announced on 9 September 2011, shipping to worldwide and shipping cost for this bear will be fully paid by me ^.^
I will email the winner on that day, if no reply from the winner within 2 days the next winner will be drawn.
Good Luck! =)

Names that have been added into the draw list ^.^
1) Dirk            11) Joanne    21) Creepy Glowbugg   31) Klik          41) Александра
2) Jeannette     12) Алена    22) Евгения Кашина  32) Beis
3) Neri            13) Janice      23) Tata                       33) Nikira
4) Vicky         14) Bea          24) Maite                     34) Tarraka
5) Ginger       15) Jennifer      25) МамаФиалка       35) Beary Tales
6) Val             16) Tracey      26) Ina                        36) Leah
7) Ascension   17) Sue          27) Stacey                   37) Mary
8) Ann             18) Linda       28) Judi                       38) Cheryl
9) Katie           19) Irina        29) Eva                        39) Glowreahhh
10) Esther       20) Bec          30) Teirin                     40) Ted's N Such