Friday, October 27, 2017

Baby Whitley Workshop for Lucky Winners

On 27 August, 4 lucky winners namely, Ying Yip Cheng, Grace Lee, Zhen Hui Koh and Geck Woon Ng won the Facebook contest for FREE "Baby Whitley" Teddy Bear Workshop.

L-R: Geck Woon, Grace, Yip Cheng, Zhen Hui and her 2 daughters
The workshop was held at Wayneston Studios on Thursday, 31 August evening.
As soon as the class started, we felt the excitement from the participants as this was their very first time making a Teddy Bear.

Wayne shared with them the basic sewing and jointing techniques to complete their bear.

Baby Whitley which is 4.5 inch tall, however seems to be a little to small for them. They faced difficulty turning the body parts inside out and especially sewing the tiny little nose! However with perseverance and patience from all of them, they manage to complete their bears! Wayne is so please with their bears, each of them looks beautiful with their own unique personality!

Wayne with Zhen Hui & 2 daughters

Despite of the small bear body size, it actually took about 6 hours for the group to complete their bears! After the class, we took some group photos in the studio.

Proud Mummy of Baby Whitley, Grace!

Proud Mummy of Baby Whitley, Geck Woon!
We want to thank everyone for their participation in our give-away and we look forward to meeting everyone again soon!



Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween Craft Party

As Halloween is just around the corner, Wayneston Studios decided to celebrate the occasion by having a Halloween Craft Party!

A total of 6 people namely Amanda, Chio, Dyan, Grace, Philip and Winnie gathered at Wayneston Studios to each make a bat for Halloween! 

Everyone informed Wayne their preferred colour of their bat in advance so that he can prepare the materials prior.

First, everyone traced and cut out the bat's pattern. They then proceed to sew the bat together, attaching the ears and wings along the way. 

Once all bats were sewn,  they were flipped over and stuffed with Polyfiber. The eyes, mouth and teeth were then sewn onto the bats faces. Halloween theme ribbons were tied around the bats necks to add a nice finishing touch and voila...... the bats were done! 

While sewing the bats, everyone had pizza and drinks to refuel. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves! 

We hoped to organise more of such events in future and look forward to everyone's support and participation! Thank you all and see you again soon! 

Happy Halloween everyone! 


Philip Tan

New baby Polar Cubs ready for adoption!

Besides the 3 new mice, we also have 2 cute little brothers available for adoption!

These 2 polars are made using the same pattern, however they look completely different because Wayne has deliberately made their feature slightly different!





Do let us know which polar you like between the 2!
Darren the younger brother of Derrick!

Darren and Derrick are both now available for adoption on our website.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

3 new mice ready for adoption!

We are pleased to introduce 3 new little mice this week!

The 3 new mice namely, Chips, Buttermilk and Brunost is now available for adoption on our website.



Visit our website today to view more pictures of them.

We hope you will like them too!


Wayneston Studios is featured on Toys Unplugged on 15 October 2017

Wayneston Bears and the Singapore Teddy Bear Club is honored to be featured on Channel 8 again!

This time, the programmed titled 《玩具不插电》Toys Unplugged is a 30 minutes children info-ed program specially for children.

The hosts of this program are Sugie (潘嗣敬), Candyce Toh (杜蕙甹) with 2 kids hosts.

Remember the good "old times"? In those days, the games meant more than just apps! This 13-episode program aims to lure the kids away from their gaming consoles and handheld devices by introducing them parents' favourite childhood games. Besides, the program will also encourage the family to spend their weekend in a fun way by exploring interesting places or activities. All these bonding activities will help to enhance the closeness among family members. 

In one of the segment, they invited Wayne to introduce how to make a simple Teddy Bear. After the bear was done, Wayne introduced members of the Singapore Teddy Bear Club to the hosts. The members shared their experiences on bear-making with the audience.

We have shared the segment of the programme on our Youtube channel! We hope you will enjoy the show.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Wawa Pictures and their crew for their professional feature.

We look forward to collaborating with them again in the near future.

Wayneston Studios & Team

Monday, October 23, 2017

Make-a-Mouse Workshop, 7 & 14 October 2017 ~ Bernadette's new mouse!

Wayneston Studios welcome a new student, Bernadette!

Bernadette got to know about us during her trip to Melbourne last month when she visited a Teddy Bear Shop (Bear Essence). The shop owner, Kim Garratt,  told her about Wayne's new shop in Singapore.  Surprised, she came to look for us as soon as she returned to Singapore.

She signed up for the Mouse workshop as she wanted a refresher course to start making bears again. The last time she made one was probably 17 years ago.

Many students who visited Wayne's shop share a similar story as Bernadette. Most of them stopped making bears when bear shops close down. They lost their friends who used to love making bears and eventually discontinue the hobby when they can't find bear-making supplies anymore or someone who can coach them. Wayne is glad to have a shop to continue sharing the joy of bear-making with everyone.

Although Bernadette has made about 10 teddy bears in the past, this is the first time she made a mouse!

Wayne wass very happy to know that she could still remember the basic stitches to hold the fabrics together. He shared with her how to joint the mouse together, embroider the nose and even sewing whiskers onto it's cheek.

After the mouse was completed, she bought another piece of fur to make another mouse so as to keep the other mouse company!

Thank you Kim for sharing our shop information to our Singaporean friends! Thank you Bernadette for sharing your story with us and joining our class. We had a great time making the mouse together. We look forward to seeing you again in your next class with Margaret Burke.



Thursday, October 19, 2017

Make-a-Xmas Bear Workshop - November & December 2017


It's time to make something special for your love ones this Christmas!

Register your interest now with Wayne at:

Wayneston Studios & Team

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Meet Bobby the BJD Doll!

Could you still remember the last doll made by Wayne? It was probably done more than 2 years ago! 

This time Wayne took up a challenge to make a BJD (Ball Jointed Doll)!

Wayne signed up for a Simple SteamPunk BJD Contest hosted by Apryl Jenson, Owner of the

He decided to do this because this would give him the opportunity to learn something new; he had always wanted to make dolls and other creations besides just bears. The other challenge that he would had to overcome was his inability to create outfits and use a sewing machine. He hoped that by joining this competition, it would give him the opportunity to discover and learn new techniques.

The first face made by Wayne

With the help of Wayne's doll teacher, Carmel, Wayne learnt to created a more child-like face

Wayne discovered that doll making is more difficult than making Teddy Bears because there are basically no patterns to make a doll! All you need is to use your imagination to mold and sculpt a doll by using balls of clay. Thankfully, there is a printed size and proportion of the doll so that you can always keep track and make sure your doll is not oversized!

The dolls made are definitely OOAK (One of a Kind) since they are hand sculpted. That is unless you cast and make multiples of them from molds.

It's very frustrating when the joints kept breaking.

Wayne learns to make a wig cap for Bobby!
Wayne felt that the most difficult process of making a BJD was to prevent the breakage of the joints on the limbs. He would need more experience through trial and error to find a better way to strengthen the joints. That is why most of the BJD in the market are made of resin as resin is hard and strong.

First attempt to give doll a make-up with oil paints
Wayne also felt that he needs more practise to learn how to paint a doll's face. It is very difficult to paint symmetrical eye brows and lashes. 

After the doll was completed, Wayne measured and drew an outfit pattern and sew it using a sewing machine. It took Wayne two tries to get the right fitting for the doll to wear. Looking at Bobby's completed outfit made all the effort worthwhile!

Sewing pants for Bobby

A failed attempt!

Bobby finally has his pants and shoes on.

Wayne is very proud of Bobby! Wayne has submitted Bobby for the competition and we hope we can win some blocks of clay to make more dolls!

We want to take this opportunity to thank Apryl for organising this event and we hope to join the event again next time.

Hugs, Wayne