Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We are closed from 26 October - 4 November!


Wayneston Studios will be closed from 26 October - 4 November.
Business will resume on Monday, 5 November.

Wayneston Bears will be participating in the Melbourne Bear Bazaar.

Venue: Cardinia Cultural Centre
Date & Time: Sunday, 28 October,  10am - 4.30pm

See you there!


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Well done to all the Students in Maxi Workshop last August/September!

The Maxi Bear Workshop is designed to be an Intermediate Class for junior bear artists who wish to improve and learn new techniques. This workshop is designed for a class to be held in Melbourne Teddy Bear Store, Bear Essence this October. 

Having fun at Wayneston Studios
However, we have received feedback from our students that they would like to have a similar class in Singapore, hence we hear them and decided to do it last August.

We are pleased to have a total of 5 students, signed up for the class namely, Nicole, Joanne, Su Ling, Jenny and Kelly.

Celebrating Singapore's National Day


As mentioned, this is an Intermediate Class, the Maxi Bear requires more sewing as there are more pieces on the pattern design. Students gets the experience to sew 2 different coloured fur together to create contrasting colour combination to enhance the appearance of their bear.

One of the highlight of this workshop is learning how to needle sculpted paw and foot pads for the bear. This is not an easy technique, it requires lots of practise and will need years to make a prefect shaped fingers and toes.

In this class we also cover how to embroider a beautiful nose and later how to apply beeswax to make the nose shine.

At the end of the day, all students managed to create their very own unique Maxi Bear. They all looked completely different and that's the beautiful of handmade after all!

Nicole Ding and her bear

Suah Su Ling and her bear

Nicole and Su Ling

Bear made by Jenny Tan (She is too shy to have a picture >.<)

Joanne Lee and her Bear

Kelly Tan and her bear
We thank  Nicole, Joanne, Su Ling, Jenny and Kelly for joining our Intermediate Class, we look forward to meeting them again in their next lessons.

Wayne Lim