Friday, September 28, 2012

Just added a new Steiff Bear into my collection!

I have a few Steiff Bears in my collection. I started collecting them before I became an artist and over the years, I stopped collecting them because I realise my love for artist bears grew stronger so I started collecting mostly artist bears.

Steiff is one of the first company that manufactured teddy bears, they are famous for their excellent craftmanship and quality control.

2 weeks ago, after gyming with my best friend, we came across a bear shop. It's rare to find a bear shop in Singapore and to my surprise they have quite a large number of latest Steiff in their collection. On the window display this red bear caught my attention.

Her name is Victoria, manufactured in Germany, year 2011 with a limited edition no. 1500

I am thrilled, this bear melts my heart and I really want her. She is approximately 12 inches tall standing. What attracts me is the material, it was viscose (carpet) like material with different motiffs embedded onto the backing, it is unique. I asked the sales lady to show me and after holding on to her, I wanted her badly as she is almost flawless.
I hold myself and went back home to consider if I could afford her, she is retailed at $495 Singapore dollars! After chatting and getting to feedback from my friends, I went to ebay to source for the same bear. I found the similar bear on ebay and bought her at $200 cheaper.

Can you see the difference? Yes, the motiff is different, pattern on the face does affect the expression of the bear. I wonder where can I find a similar fabric like this bear? It's unique and I would love to try creating a bear with this material.

Has anyone of you out there seen this material? Please drop me a comment if you do know where to find them, thanks! =)

I hope you enjoy reading my post on my new bear, do come back soon to read about my new swap! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New mouse named Minsk! Now available on Bear Pile

Introducing a new creation which I have made recently, her name is Minsk! I want to thank my best friend, Philip for giving her such a lovely name!

She is made of copper coloured mohair, softly stuffed with polyfill and weighted with crush garnets.
Her little nose is needle felted, harden, painted and sealed. She has horsetail whiskers on her cheeks too!

Minsk has a tail made of calf leather too! It has wire armature for easy posing.
Minsk is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!

Hugs, Wayne

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wayneston Bear Making Workshop 9 & 16 September

Congratulations to my 3 students on their completion of their new teddy!
They took approximately 10 hours to complete their bear and I am really proud of them.
Among the 3 students, we have another male participant as well, however he is shy and has requested not to have his pictures shown on my blog. It's a pity that we couldn't have his handsome face featured here.
Marcia is an experienced bear artist based in Japan. She joins the class with her niece, Jiayi. It's always nice to see family members joining the same class, we have so much to chat about.
One day I am joining Marcia in one of the bear shows in Japan!


This is the first bear for Jiayi, she is nervous.

Bear made by Mr C, Jiayi and Marcia

Our Group Photo
Thank you for joining our class and we hope to see you again soon! =)
Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Monkey for a Bear

Hi everyone, I want to share a new bear which was added to my collection last week.

I fall in love with one of the bears my friend, Lisa Heiland has created for the Friends of Teddy Online Show few months ago. This bear named Rose was one of the few which hasn't find a home after the show. After chatting with Lisa on facebook, we have agreed to have another swap again.

I have traded my monkey Chappy for her bear, Rose. Lisa is one of my favourite artists and is also one of my best friend. This is my 2nd time having a swap with her and we are looking forward to our next swap soon.

Rose made by Lisa Heiland
Chappy by Wayneston Bears
Baby Lavigne was here at my house last week, so I took the chance to take some pictures of Lisa's Bear together with her. Look at her cute little face with the bear!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Hugs, Wayne