Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interesting Articles about Blogging

Hey beary friends! I came across these 2 articles on yahoo news few days ago and would like to share them with you. After reading this it might inspire you to start blogging! =)

1) How Blogging Can Help Your Career

Personally I think this is very true. In the beginning I started blogging to share my passion about my bears. This was just a pure a hobby blog meant for myself, in fact it's a diary for me to look back on how my bears evolve over the years. Till today, I am really surprise that YOU ARE READING MY BLOG, thank you!  =)

Through blogging I have made so many friends of the same interest, having friends from all over the word is REALLY COOL!

I am not a good writer, and I can't speak good english. Thanks for understanding me and I hope my pictures speak a thousand words for me. So friends, if I am doing this, so can you! Start Blogging and I know one day you will many friends to come and I can be your first friend on your blog =)

2) 7 Steps For Building Your Personal Brand Online

I agreed with this article that by leveraging on social media, it would add to our advantage to showcase our work and you never knows who, what, when miracle happens and turns you into a millionaire over night... LOL i am exaggerating

I also believe sharing knowledge with others is a good way to help others as well. It's a cycle like the way I got ideas and inspirations from others and I am passing that on. By sharing, I believe you are getting back more in return.

But I end, remember whatever you said on social media reflect on yourself, once it's done it's really done! Be responsible with what you want to share on your blog because it's going to be seen by everyone over the world. If you know that you are angry and is going to post something that you might regret, please take time to reconsider. Let yourself cool down for a day and rethink if posting something bad on your blog benefits you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bunny Making Workshop 20 & 27 November 2011

Yesterday's bunny making workshop is a success! The ladies made their first bunny and is happy with them! =) Clap clap clap!

The weather is nice, we chit-chatted at the same time making the bunny, time really flies and soon we could see little bunnies coming alive!

Left to Right: Me, Cecilia, Siew Ying and Evelyn
Siew Ying is patiently sewing the bunny's head

Evelyn is closing up the seams after stuffing

Look at Cecilia's bunny, she is coming alive!

The rewarding smile

Working on the Ears

Yeah! I am almost done!

Tata! Here are our completed creations! Each has their own unique personality!

Bunny made by Cecilia

Bunny made by Siew Ying

Bunny made by Evelyn

She is very happy with her bunny

Proud mummy of the bunny, see how matching the pink footpads and her shirt :)

Ceilicia's first bunny

Let's take a group photo!

Thanks for joining us today =)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My new Lockline Bear ~ Barney =)

Hi! Take a look at my latest bear ~ Barney!
He is the WIP bear which I showed few posts ago and I am really happy with the way he turns out!

Barney has lockline armature on his neck, spine and limbs, this allows him to be very posable! I have also given him a open/sleepy eyelids and a needle felted nose that is sealed, sanded and painted. Many hours have given to his little chap!

He is now on a 7 days ebay auction with a reserved price of 370USD. I hope he can find a new home for Christmas =)

This is his link:

Here's my new bear named Barney

Barney has lockline armature on his head, neck and spine this allows him to tilt his head!

He is very posable and can curl up like a ball! His lids can be adjusted to make wide awake or very sleepyzzz

He is happy with his companion - a giraffee soft toy

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tutorial - Beading a Little Chicky

Here's a tutorial I am going to share on how to bead a little chicky.
Christmas is round the corner, I thought you might like to do some hands-on craft for your love ones. For your information, the hen on the left is available on the market for years, because it's not my design so I am not teaching that today but I have redesigned another chicky so that you can learn in this tutorial.

You will be learning on how to make the chicky on the right which is designed by me.

Here's is a portion of my beading supplies

You will need round black beads x 2 pcs (4mm) for the eyes 
Nylon Fishing Line 0.22mm (You need to cut about 950mm long)

Swaroskvi Crystals or Plastic beads (3mm White - 24pcs, 4mm Yellow x 19 pcs, 3mm Brown x 9pcs, 3mm red x 1pc)

First, instead 5 of the white into the line then thread across the last bead to form a polygon

Next, thread across the last white crystal

Cross thread the black

Pass through the thread on black eyes side into the nearby white bead and the other ends insert in 3 whites

Then cross threading on the last white bead

The head is almost done, you can see the 2 eyes on the face
This time, you have one end thread to the nearby white crystal then the one end with 2 small white and 1 big yellow crystal

The cross threading will be on the white crystal
Thread into the nearby white crystal then insert a red crystal  then thread into the next white crystal. The thread passes though 3 crystals hortizonally.

The other end insert 1 yellow and 1 white then you cross thread on the last white crystal

Remember to instead in a round 6mm bead

Add 4 yellows
Repeat the same around

Pass throught the cross end into the nearby yellow crystal and on the other end insert 3 crystals

Do the same throughout
Pull tight!

This is how the base looks like, pass the thread around the base which consists of 5 yellows, tight knots 2 times

Weave the excess thread to the back of the chicky where you can find a polyon hole, thread the 2 ends across a yellow bead

Add 3mm Brown Crystals 3 pieces on the thread then weave around the body and tie knots to secure the structure

You can add wings consisting of 3 brown crystals on both sides, then insert a metal piece into the bead instead the head

Cut the metal piece shorter and use a round nose plier to form a loop

Add a metal ring and a handphone strap, this is the finished product! 

*Remember in this design, every interlink consist of 5 crystals. When you have excess thread, weave them around and tight knots, this will make the figurine tighter and rigid.
I hope you enjoy my tutorial today, HAPPY BEADING! =)