Monday, February 28, 2011

Lavigne's Baby Shower

Yesterday was my niece's baby shower! Wooo, everyone is so excited to meet this new baby!
We had a wonderful day at my sister, Kristy's house plus a wonderful buffet lunch =) Most of our relatives came to see this little one. They are thrilled as we haven't had any babies addition into the family for many many years.

My name is Lavigne =)

Are you looking at me?

Mum and baby

Aunt and baby

Cousin Belle & Husband with baby

Why are you always yawning? Lazy niece!

Stop kissing me again!!!!

Dad and baby

Cousin Chris and baby

Aunt, cousin and baby
Thanks for viewing, I am going back to sleep....zzz

We passed the baby around, Lavigne is very well behaved and she enjoys everyone kisses and hugs.
I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as we do =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uncle Wayne & Baby Lavigne

Alright, I have decided to share some more pictures of my niece again :P
Hahaha.... oh dear Wayneston Bear blog is becoming a baby blog soon -_-lll

This pictures are taken last saturday (22 days old) I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures.



Baby Lavigne Yawning
Stop kissing me again Uncle Wayne!
Sorry on my poorly dress code...I know I don't look well on these pictures (Baby Lavigne is the main lead) LOL
Baby Lavigne's baby shower is on this Sunday, I will post some pictures here.
I hope these pictures make you smile and have a great day! =)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Bear of the Year! Wayneston Panda Baby Mocha

Greetings everyone,

Introducing my first bear of the year, Baby Mocha. He is a brown panda Wayneston Baby.
I have listed him on Bear Pile today, do pop by the website to see more pictures of him.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and have a wonderful weekend =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 Wayneston Bears Promotion - Valid till 28th Feb 2011

Dear all,

Just a gentle reminder that the "Celebrating the making of 100 Wayneston Bears" Promotion will be valid till end of February.

Do pop by our offical website to see our bears. You may email me at: if you are interested to adopt any of the bears/critters on the website.

Thank you and have a nice day ^.^

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new love

My handphone wallpaper used to be a picture of Wayneston Bears, now see what has become my new love!

Haha, some of my friends thought that this is a picture of my child. LOL
Baby niece is about 2 weeks old now, I am missing her badly! Hope to see her soon.

I have finished making a Wayneston Baby but I can't show you yet, she is specially created to swap with Olga of Avateddy. I am currently in the progress of making another Wayneston Baby Panda and a competition piece. New creation will be available next week, do visit us again =)


Wishing all a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day =)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She melts our hearts!

Here's my baby niece, she is now 12 days old. We visit her yesterday and it's my first time carrying and feeding her milk, for the first time I feel so good to be an uncle =)

I can't describe how much we love her, the first thing we reach our sister's house is to see the baby!
Look at some of her cute poses, we love the way she smile and frown, her expressions never fail to melts our hearts.

My first attempt to carry a baby

Hi 5!

She is sleeping

What a big diaper!

She can holds her pacifier

Thanks for peeking =)
Thanks for viewing my blog, I hope she makes you smile too. I will post more pictures when I visit her again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A wonderful bear swap with Esther Lee

Hi again =) Today I have a wonderful time - bear swap with our local bear artist, Esther Lee.

Esther is one of our pioneer bear artist in Singapore and she has won many awards. I am so honoured to trade one of my Wayneston Bear with her!

This swap has been agreed between both of us since mid of last year. We have intially plan to swap during Christmas however I am away to Seoul to attend the bear convention hence the swap has been postphoned to Chinese New Year. Esther invites me to her beautiful house to see her wonderful bear collection and we have lunch together with friends.

Esther made a mohair bear, Charlotte in exchange with my bunny, Kerris. I am glad that she like Kerris and of course I love Charlotte too =D  It's really fun to hang out with bear friends; someone that can really share the joy of creating.

We hope you will enjoy these pictures =)

Charlotte and Kerris

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Dear bear friends,
Happy Chinese New Year and may you have a wonderful,
abundance Rabbit year ahead!

I have just posted bunny Kendrick on Bear Pile today, do take a peek at him =)
I am now going to my grandma's house for a festive new year gathering! Bye~ Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pair of bunnies now available!

Hello bear friends,

I think these 2 little bunnies will be the last 2 that I will be making for the month of February. This month I need to work on 2 swaps and a competition piece which needs to be ready in March. These will keep me busy busy busy! =)

Here's my 2 new bunnies creations named Karyn and Kendrick. They are made from German and Japanese alpaca. If you have viewed my previous post on the swap bunny and think that Karyn looked alike, you are right! She is the one that is initally made for the swap, however my pretty bear friend has found a new love! We will be swapping this Saturday and I am so looking forward to that day =D

I feel bad to let Karyn stay alone, hence i created Kendrick to accompany her. I hope you will enjoy viewing these pictures. Karyn is now available for adoption on Bear Pile, I will post Kendrick too this week.

Karyn 6.5"
Karyn 6.5"
Kendrick 6.5"

Yeah, counting down 2 more days to Chinese Lunar New Year! We are going to have lotsa fun, good food and games. I am going to visit my baby niece too =)

Have a great day!