Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wayneston Bear Basic Bear Workshop

Hi peeps, it's me again! Haha, I guess I am kinda crazy, blogging 3 posts continuously within 2 days! =P
Ok, here are some pictures of the basic bear workshop held at My Favourite Things.

2 weeks ago, 4 little bears are born with the loving touch and creativity of 4 lovely ladies. Look at their happy faces! 3 of them are keeping their bear for myself as xmas gift and one of them is giving to her boyfriend =)

I am now planning my next workshop which will be held next January or February. If you are interested, kindly send me an email or join my mailing list. Do visit my blog again to check on my latest workshop available.

Have a great day everyone =)
xoxo wayne

Our experience in Seoul - Day Two

Let me share something really funny. After our trip to the COEX Aquarium, we went back hotel to rest. All of us are so tired that we fell into deep sleep at 8pm. Before we went to sleep, I have adjusted the alarm clock to the next morning 6am, 25 dec. We need to be set up our table and prepare for the bear show before 10am.

In the  middle of the night, my dad woke up.  He looked into my watch and scream... "It's 11am! We are late for the bear show!" We got so panic, quickly packed our bags without brushing our teeths, wear few layers of clothings and dragged ourselves towards the lift. As the lift door opens, I looked outside I realised that the sky is still dark... then i looked into my watch again. It's 24th dec, 11.30pm not 25th dec 11.30am!

This is sooo scary, we didn't know that we have slept for only 3 hours. It feels like we have slept for 10 hours! All of us went back to our hotel room and have a good laugh...

The Seoul Bear Show is held at the COEX Convention Hall. There are more than 20 korean artists & about 8 foreign bear artists. This is my first time going overseas are bear show, it's so fun!

The Korean and Japanese artists are all so friendly, we spent our time happily chatting away, despite there might have some communication difficulties. No worries, there are helpful translators arounds to make communication easy =)

Japanese Artist - Rose Bear by Terumi San

Korean Artist - Rich Bears by Kang Bu Ja

Korean Artist - Ansteddy by Amy Ahn

Kims Teddy

Swapping bears with Korean Artist Ma Eun-Sook ( Mina bear)
Pamela and Me

Our experience in Seoul - Day One

The weather in Seoul is vry cold... the sudden change in weather make us feel sicky. However after staying few days in Seoul, we are starting to like the weather, snow, people and this beautiful place.

On the first day when we arrived Seoul at the Incheon Airport, we took a cab to our hotel. The journey took us more than an hour. We stayed in Hotel Hawaii, it takes about 5 mins walk to COEX. You will see no pictures of the hotel because, it's not beautiful, average service and average standard... the next time i promise myself to stay in a better hotel :p

My friends told me that most Koreans couldn't speak and understand English. However, I m lucky enough to find Koreans that can speak English or Chinese. You will be amazed that some of them even flew to China to learn Chinese. Most of the young people could speak English if you approach them for help. The Koreans are vry polite and friendly, their service is superb... The place and toilets are clean, train are easy to board and travel around. Trust me, we travel to different places ourselves, you don't even need a tour guide =)
Haha... This time we didn't have enough time and I did not much research on where to go, the next time if we come to Seoul again, we will visit theme parks and more tourist attractions.

After checking in our hotel, we had our lunch in a restaurant nearby. This restaurant only served pork (wild boar). We couldn't understand Korean and the boss couldn't speak English too, we had to use hand signs to communicate LOL... Luckily, a gentleman who is having lunch with his friends helped us to translate our food orders.

After our lunch, we went to the COEX Aquarium. Below are some of the pictures which we took there.
A swarm of Pirana

Puffer Fish

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Seoul

Hi everyone, I am now in Seoul. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Yesterday is the first day of the Seoul Teddy Bear Show, we have so much fun meeting new friends, collectors and bear artists. This is my first overseas show, Koreans are so friendly! Most of they can't speak english, we have to use hand signs and drawings to order food and  ask for directions LOL... it's ok we still manage to find what we want here.

I am expecting to see snow but where is the snow? It's very cold here, my family and I have to wear at least 5 layers of clothings. Singapore is hot all year round, we aren't used to the weather yet, as the cold air blows all of us starts to sneeze! LOL

One of my new korea friend told me that the weather now is the coldest for the past 5 years, they are suffering from this cold too. However, Seoul might snow this week, we hope to experience it before we come back to Singapore.

I took alots of pictures yesterday and I am taking more today too. I will post them on my facebook and blog soon so do come visit my blog again soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone =)

Warmest Regards from a very cold country,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jingle the Monkee

Hi everyone! Are you ready for Christmas??? I am so ready and excited!

I will like to introduce Jingle, my last creation of this year to everyone. You can view more pictures of him on Bear Pile & Etsy.

Few days ago i have changed the website address of Wayneston Bear Facebook Page to:
you may now click or share the link above to join our page and get our latest updates on events, new bears =)

It's about 4 days away from the Seoul Teddy Bear Convention, I am really excited... this will be my first time in my life to see and feel SNOW! Yippee =)

Yesterday I have spent a wonderful day with my workshop class. The bear making workshop has ended, pictures of the workshop will be shown here after Christmas (I promise to show the pics after xmas, as one of the lady requested that her bear should not be revealed before she give it to her boyfriend)
She has put lots of hardwork on this bear, I hope her boyfriend will appreciate and perhaps make a bear for her in return!

All the ladies have complete their bears and are happy with them, I am so glad! I will be planning on next year's workshop soon, if you are interested do drop me an email, I will send you the information as soon as I have prepared them.

Got to go to bed now, it's 1am here! Good night =)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New squirrel named Maple

This week a new squirrel named Maple is born! She is made with topaz coloured mohair, sized 6" tall. Here are some of her pictures. She is now available on Bear Pile.

Few weeks ago, I have been working on the design for my sewn on labels. I have always wanted to give my bears an identity; they are my creations and I am proud of them, they deserved my branding and recognition. I have been searching for a supplier that can make sewn on labels and tags, however most of them has a minimum quantity (500pcs +).

I am not a full time artist and I don't sewn many bears, this has disturbed me for a while. Thanks to my bear friends Becky and Deborah, who have recommended me to a lady who customise labels.

Not long ago I have received them, I am proud to show them to everyone =)
These labels are made of suede material, all you need to provide is the artwork and the size you want for the labels. Many thanks to Angie (Rememberwynn) for making me such beautiful labels, I am now more motivated to make more bears and critters =) If you are interested to make labels and tags for your items, you can visit her online shop here.

Above are some images of my labels and tags. Maple is the first critter that has a label sewn on her back!
Thanks for viewing my blog, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My forcoming Teddy Bear Show 2010: Seoul Teddy Bear Convention 2010

Wayneston Bears will be participating in the Seoul Teddy Bear Convention & Bear Festival 2010. Visit us at the show on 25th December and 26th December 2010.



JANGBOGO Hall, 3 Floor, COEX, World Trade Center Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731

December 25(Saturday) 10:00 – 17:00 
December 26(Sunday) 10:00 - 17:00


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Custom Make Wayneston Baby is now available in Etsy

I am please to announce that custom order for Wayneston Baby is now available. You can email me or visit my Etsy Online Shop for more information. Thanks for viewing =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling unwell today... but the arrival of an early christmas gift makes me feel better

Today is a bad bad day... I seldom fall sick but today it's my turn :( I have stomach flu and diarrhea, this is really a bad combination. I couldn't go to work hence i have been resting at home after visiting a clinic.

I have tried drawing a new design and cutting some patterns, but my body couldn't let me do so... :(
Just when i m feeling the worst that could have happened to me, a gift arrived at my door step.

In my few posts below, I had mentioned that I have adopted a bear during the Teddies Worldwide Show, she has arrived my house this afternoon. In fact, she has reached my house last saturday, but my brother who thought that the postman is a stranger knocking at our door, he refuses to open the door... i m angry over this and we have a quarrel. LOL...

Anyway, today I am going to reveal my Special Xmas Gift, that i have saved for a long long time to get her =)

Introducing Woodruff! A cute little bear made by Joanne Livingston of Desertmountainbear.
Joanne's works have always inspire me, even before I become a bear artist one year ago. Remembering the first time that I saw her works on the internet, my jaws dropped, her creations have never failed to amaze me, they seems to connect with me and telling me that one day i m going to own one of her bear. If you have time, pop by her blog to see the rest of her wonderful creations =)

Woodruff & Peaches

I am going to get some more rest today, hoping that I will feel better tomorrow to keep moving! ~ Ciao =)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A pair of custom bunnies for my friend's wedding =)

Here's a pair of bunnies that I have been working on for the past few weeks. I have spent my time slowly working on them, drawing a new design and carefully trimmed the fur for the sweetest facial expression.

I have been requested to make this pair of bunnies since July.... however due to my committments for the Singapore Bear Show and Teddies Worldwide Show, the making has been delayed. Oh dear... but luckly I can still manage to find some time to complete them before her wedding which will fall on next year 1st Jan 2010.

Simpson & Jean
 These pair of bunnies both have cotter-pin joints on their head, I am sure they will look great on their wedding car. More pictures of them with the Groom & Bride will be posted here next year =)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wayneston Bears is featured in Teddy Bear Artists and Friends website!

Wow this is cool! This is my first time been featured on a teddy bear website, I feel so proud of myself! =) You can visit the website to know more about me and my creations ♥

I want to thanks Lanie and Darren, creators of Teddy Bear Artists and Friends website for giving this chance to showcase my work on their website.

Last but not least, Wayneston Bears wishing all Happy Thanksgiving Day! Blessings to all, have a wonderful day with your family and friends. =) 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celebrate Christmas with Wayneston Bears! 10% discount on all Etsy items =)

Greetings to all, Christmas is near and it's about a month away! Yippeee! =)

Looking for a special gift? Why not adopt a Wayneston Bear as a gift for yourself or your love one?

This Christmas, Wayneston Bears is giving 10% discount on all items on ETSY ONLINE SHOP to all blog followers and mailing list subscribers. Simply type " BEARYXMAS " into the the coupon box when checking out. Promotion ends on 22nd December 2010.

Etsy has given us coupon codes to reward our customers and that also means that I will be able to use this function to reward regular customers, facebook fans, mailing list subscribers and blog followers!

You can now subscribe to Wayneston Bears Mailing List now to get the latest update on events, workshops, promotions and be notified when new bears become available.

Have a great day everyone =)