Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dinner with the Teddy Bear Lovers!

Yesterday night, I met up with 2 of our local Singapore artists, Esther Lee and Irene Goh for dinner.

Top: My birthday swap birthday made by Natalia and Below: Little Bear made by Irene

Left: Irene and Right: Esther

Esther holding her black bear

The black bear is my favourite bear yesterday night

Irene and Esther's Bear, Peaches

Made by Esther

Made by Esther
It was a nice meet up with bear friends again to chat about bears and the different ways to make them. We are already looking forward to our next meet up!

I have created a Facebook Group lately named "Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers", it's a group specially formed for Singaporean Teddy Bear Enthusiast. If you are an Artist/Teddy Bear Collector or a Bear Artist, you might want to join our group. I am still in the midst of coordinating and promoting the group, hopefully one day our group will grow. As the group gets more members, we could have a monthly gathering and organise events as a team =)


Mother's Day Make A Bear Workshop - April 2012

Hi everyone! I have received quite a number of enquiries on when is the next workshop? So, here you go! Mothers' Day is coming soon, why don't consider making a handmade gift for your mum?

I have decided to conduct another workshop this coming April on 8th and 15th before I go for my Melbourne trip, kindly send me an email, if you are interested.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Colourful Day!

Last year my friend Janice, sent me some Cushing Prefection Dyes to try. Janice plays with lots of colour dyes to make her bear's colour unique, and they are very popular. I have always wanted to try this out and finally yesterday night, I took some courage and thrown in a few pieces of mohair to experiment and play with.

Have you ever felt bored making the same bears with the same coloured fabric because you ordered a large quantity of it? Then you should really consider to dye them! I wanted to make a few new dragons for Melbourne show but is running out of ideas and thought that it would be wonderful to have a few colourful dragons for the show.

Cushing's Prefection Dyes
Washing mohair before hand dye, this yellow mohair is going into the blue dye
As following to the instructions, I washed the mohair with water and detergent. Next, I prepared a pot of boiling water (pot generously contributed by my mum), and I add in a small amount of colour dye (powder form) with a few tea spoons of vinegar. I am not really sure what is the purpose of adding vinegar but I think the more you add, the better for the dye to be absorbed by the mohair.

Dark Blue Dye
After dye, the colour lightens
Next dyeing pink and white mohair. Going into yellow dye

Add some dye into the boiling water

Add vinegar and boils the water. When it's boiling you can start putting in the mohair
When the water is boiling, slowly put in pieces of your mohair. Let it soak for approximately 15 mins, as it absorbs the dye, slowly use a pair of long wooden chopsticks to flip and turn the fabric making sure all surface area are soaked in the dye.

Last piece of white going into green dye

Make sure it's fully emerged into the dye
1) Initially the pot of dye is dark coloured, after the mohair absorbs the dye, the pot of dye will become lighter and clear.
2) Some of the mohair backing doesn't absorb and dye as well as the fur. The fur are fully dyed but not the backing, hence if you are considering dyeing coloured mohair (Pink, yellow, blue etc) into other colours, be prepared that you might get fur dyed and the backing remains the original colour. However, I find this result interesting as well, you can experiment to get the fur and backing with different colour combination. This makes your bears unique! =)
3) The first piece of yellow when dyed to blue, it becomes greenish blue (Cyan) in colour instead of blue. Lesson learnt is that alway keep in mind of the colour wheel, yellow plus blue gives you cyan that makes sense!
4) Wash the mohair once you completed the dyeing process with water to remove the vinegar smell.

Air dry the mohair and almost ready to use!
I am really happy with the results and I can't wait to make something soon. It's very easy and fun as well, I would definitely try this again soon =)

Tata! Really nice colours! I am so excited to make something new with them =)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wayneston Bears' 3rd Anniversary Blog Give-away

Hohoho! Next month April is our 3rd Anniversary! YippeeE! =)
Seriously, I can't believe it... it seems just like yesterday, I could vividly remember the day which I made my first bear...

We want to thank everyone for reading and following our blog. Thanks for the lovely comments and encouragement!

In celebration of our 3rd Anniversary, Wayneston Bears is giving away 3 prizes! WOW!

1st Prize
5 inch Wayneston Baby Bear (Little Annie)

2nd Prize & 3rd Prize
PDF Wayneston Bears 8 inch Pattern (Peaches)

Below are the 5 extra chances for you to win! Good Luck!

1) Leave a comment here and you will be added into the draw list (*You must comment here to  participate)
2) Become a follower of this blog (Let me know if u have done so)
3) Become a fan on Wayneston Bears Facebook Fan Page (Let me know your user name)
4) Join my mailing list
5) Add my give-away button on your blog or website (Kindly let me know your blog link)

The winners will be announced on Monday, 23 April 2012. The grand winner will receive Little Annie and the shipping fee will be fully paid by me ^.^  PDF Patterns will be sent via email to 2nd and 3rd winners for this event.

Emails will be sent to the winners on that day, if there is no reply from the winner/s within 2 days, the next winner will be drawn.
Good Luck! =)

Names that have been added into the draw list ^.^
1) Maggie Leung              16) Leah Sharp          31) Cheryl Hutchinson
2) Joanne Livingston        17) Cheryl Burkhouse  32) Елена Олейник
3) МамаФиалка               18) Mary Hughes      33) Jacqueline Stewart
4) Eddybare                      19) Calis Cheah         34) Elaine Chang
5) Val Ho                          20) Елена R.              35) Masterklass80
6) Gabriele Joy                 21) Doris Colanero     36) Wild Flower               
7) Dirk                              22) Katie Fulford                        
8) Jeannette                       23) Natalia Oelofse             
9) Lynn Smith                   24) Linda Hearn        
10) Gunilla Back               25) Debora Hoffmann                     
11) Wendy Chamberlain   26) Will Yong
12) Janice Woodard          27) Iris
13) Bettina Groh               28) Gerda
14) Margaret Burke          29) Halcyon
15) Esther Lee                   30) Eva

This event is offically closed. Winners will be announced shortly.
Thank you for your participation.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bear Making Sunday ^.^

Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I can spend almost the whole day drawing a new bear design, cutting patterns and sewing. Look at what I have done today! =)

Drawn a new design today! Finish cutting all the pieces and now ready to sew!

Weekdays are the hectic days that I did minimal sewing and cutting because of my long working hours in the day. Spending the whole day in office staring at computer to do graphic designs are extremely mental draining and my eyes got tried very easily :(

It's a shame that why can't just have 4 working days a week? We should spend more time with our family and doing the things we love to do. Sadly ever since my first job, I have to work on alternate Saturdays as well... Anyway, remember to spend your time wisely and spend some time with your love ones as well. We wish you a wonderful day =)

Above is what is on my work table today, gosh... so much to sew :x

Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Acorn an Easter Squirrel

I have always wonder why only Bunnies and Chicks are associated in celebration of the Easter? Why can't it be a bear or squirrel? LOL...

Acorn here is my latest squirrel, she is made from soft long sparse orangish mohair and white mohair. She even has a yellow flower sewn on her head :) An Easter Egg comes along with her as well.
If you would like to adopt or view more pictures of her, please visit my website.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone =)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bon Voyage my 3 Little Angels

Sending off 3 little angels to the post office tomorrow. They are taking their flight to different parts of the world, places that I could not yet to afford, I am so envious of them!

I wish that I could be small enough to squeeze into the same box as them... but i m sure staying in the box will sure make me giddy after the long flight hours...

Left to Right ( Fayre, Pandy and Baby Mocha)

Fayre the lady dragon will be flying to US, Pandy will be going to South Africa and lastly, Baby Mocha is going to Canada to stay with his new mum and siblings.

Bon Voyage little ones, daddy misses all of you, please take care and send my regards to your new dad and mum =)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lady Dragon, Fayre

Lady Dragon Fayre is the kindest dragon in Wayneston Town. She love to help the other critters who are in need.
This is Fayre
One day, Fayre found an abandon little horse in the forest. Poor little horse was starving :(

Let me bring you home :)

Fayre brought little horse home and gave him food, the horse was happy and soon they become best friends :)

Soon they become good friends
Little horse's new mum, Fayre

Thanks for reading Wayneston Bears Blog :)

We hope you like our story
Here's is my latest new creation, Fayre the dragon. I really love and enjoy making her. Same as the other dragons I made this year, she has wire armatures on her neck, spine, arms and legs. What's new is her needle felted lids has eye lashes!

Fayre has now been adopted...Thanks

Have  a great weekend! :)
Hugs, Wayne

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanks! :)

I want to thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my blog post "My Journey - Changing the way people thinks". Thanks for the listening ears and your comments make me feels very heartening :)

Thanks for the encouragement and I will continue to write more about my Journey, I am sure I have still lots to share :) In fact, writing these records down on my blog serve as a self motivational tool for myself too!

What have I been doing this week? I have been busy with my office work - rushing artworks for magazines and annual reports :X  Despite the stressful hours spent in office, I am still enjoying my peaceful sewing night as usual and tonight I have completed making a new critter.

I seems to be flooding my blog with lots of words lately.(Is this really me?) Blogging has become a platform for me to express my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes thoughts trigger and at that moment I just want to type them here without a second though. They might sounds serious but after re-visiting my blog and reading the post a few days later, most of the time I had a good laugh :)

I tried to keep my blog positive and happy, I believe everyone enjoys reading happy things, don't they?

Great news for all! I am planning to do another give-away soon, so stay tune :)


Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Journey - Changing the way how others think (Part 1)

After making my first bear on April 2009, I proudly showed my very first bear to my family, colleagues and relatives, at that time none of them were impress at all.

Sadly the level of appreciation for art, design and handicrafts in Singapore isn't there yet, it would take a few more years to grow. Upon completing my first bear named Rosy, I told my parents that I really love this art and wanted to make more, sadly at that time they disapprove because they feel that this is a waste of time and money, I should focus my time on my work and have more rest time. I know that they are looking after my best interest, but I have persisted and told them that this is what I want.

My friends and relatives weren't supportive as well, they won't even take a second look at my bears and I was deeply hurt. The only one that have trust and believe in me is my Teddy Bear teacher Emen Chen. Emen is an art teacher and has been coaching children art and bear making for many years. I met him 3 years ago at my old work place, I told him about my passion and interest to become a toy designer. That time was the happiest moment of my life when he agreed to be my mentor and I studied under him for a few months. Do you believe in fate? 8 years ago when I am a secondary school student, I chanced upon a website with bear making course (I did not manage to sign up because my parents disapprove) and much to my surprise later I found out that the teacher coaching that class was Emen. Isn't that funny how fate brought us together and I finally learn under his guidance :) Miracles do happen!

I told Emen that I want to be a bear artist and want to participate in the Singapore Teddy Bear Show just like the rest of the senior bear artists. Remembering the first time I went to the bear show, my jaws dropped and this came to my mind - "WOW I want to be one of them!" It was a great challenge because I started learning in April and the next show was in November, I have to be extremely hard  working to prepare for the show in just 6 months! Mission Impossible?

This is my work schedule everyday (for 6 months) - I woke up at 6am to start sewing, left house at 9am to work, back home from work at 7pm, start sewing at 8pm and slept at 2am. For the 6 months I slept only 4 hours everyday... my parents think I am insane but I know I AM NOT!

True enough my hard work paid off, I took just 6 months to learn bear making from scratch and participate in the Singapore Teddy Bear Show with an approximately 20+ bears on my table. On that big day, there were many visitors coming to look at my work I am so proud of myself. My family were at my table too. One guest came to my table and asked how long have I been making bears, I told her 6 months, she looked with an unbelievable expression on her face and said my work look as if I have been making for many years... I am so touched.

Emen on the other hand is a very kind man, he helped me sold my first bear at the show, this really give me a boost in confident on my work. Few hours before the show ends, my relatives came to the show. They looked at my table and the first question that popped was - how many bears were sold? Just at that same moment, a lady came to my table to purchase a bear, she is a savior? My relatives went speechless and disappeared from the hall. On that first bear show in 2009, I have 6 bears adopted :)

I always believe that if you know what you want in life, embrace it. It might not be easily, but if you persist in believing then it will come to you one day. My parents are now very supportive and will appear on every bear shows I attend. My relatives also now looked at my bears with respect.
If we don't let others influence your path, they might just decide to follow along too.

I hope you enjoy my story :)
(Thank you Joanne for helping me vetting through this post :)

My first bear show in Singapore

My brother, mum and me

Singapore Teddy Bear Show in 2010


Friday, March 2, 2012

Lunar Skies Jewelry Give-away

One of my very talented friend is having a wonderful give-away! All Jewellery are designed and hand crafted by him. If you are interested in participating just pop by his blog to read more information on winning the give-away:

Good Luck! =)


New Panda

This is a new panda which I have made; the first for the year 2012. His name is Pandy and he is a birthday swap bear to one of the artist living in South Africa.

I hope she like this bear and I am looking forward to her bear for my birthday in April. =)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!

Time flies quickly, don't you think so? Today I already the first day of March and there are so many things that I am looking forward to in the next few months.

I have just finished a birthday swap bear last week, and all the swap bears are ready to travel to Canada, South Africa and United States respectively. I am so excited and about my birthday swap which will fall in April. (Yes, sadly I am getting old)

The next event I am looking forward to would be the Melbourne show in May (even though I am not sure if I can attend yet). I have already planned my work schedule and time table on the list of critters to make for the show and the number of hours to work on my bears per day (I have to kick my butt and getting things done :)

I have also done a count on the number of Wayneston Bears I have made so far and till today I made a total of 148 bears! I realised that I have been working much slower pace than what I have been 2 years ago... Am I getting more lazy? Erm... time to reflect...

Do you know that the first Wayneston Bear is born on the same day as Wayne's Birthday? This also means that Wayneston Bears' 3rd Anniversary would be on the same week as well :) This morning, I happily saw 119 blog followers and I think should do another give-away soon :)

So, what's your plans in March? =)