Sunday, March 30, 2014

Louisa the Pony, now available for adoption

We are please to introduce our latest creation here today with you. Her name is Louisa.

Louisa is my 2nd pony creation this year, I have so must fun ever since I have created Fortune, hence moving forward to making another pony and here she is!

This time I have decided to make a female pony in pink. She wears a handmade crochet outfit made by my aunt and wears a little crochet hat on her head too!

The mane of Louisa is made of long white mohair with pink tips, you can gently style her hair by combing it to the sides.

Other special features she has includes wire armature on her spine, limbs and tail, making her very flexible to pose

Louisa is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:

We hope you will like her and have a wonderful week ahead!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Logo for the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers

The Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers have been around for 2 years. Over these 2 years, I felt that there is a need to have at least a banner or logo for the identity of the group. It was only after some time when Tai Shan (a Panda made for a special friend Margaret Burke) was born that I realised I have found the right logo for the group.

A Panda is the perfect bear to represent us as it is an internationally recognised mascot used in a general context to represent Asia (Singapore), where we live in.

To create the logo, I first took a side profile picture of Tai Shan. Then, I laid his image on Adobe Illustrator to create curves and strokes of his facial outlines using the pen tool. In the beginning, straight lines were used. However I still felt that something was amiss after a few rounds of revisions. It was the oriental feel which I was looking for that was lacking.

A picture of Tai Shan
Hence, I decided to replace the straight lines to Chinese calligraphy strokes and immediately I was astounded by the results!

The brush strokes had actually softened the feel of the logo, giving the panda a furry and cuddly warmth feel.

This is how the logo looks like.....

Even though I am happy with the logo right now, I know there is still much I can do to improve it further.

I would love to hear some feedbacks from you, what do you think of this logo?

Hugs, Wayne

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Next Event Upcoming Event: Winter Wonderland Doll, Bear & Collectables Show

Hi everyone! We are please to announce that Wayneston Bears will be flying to Brisbane to participate in the next Winter Wonderland Doll, Bear & Collectable Show!

This will be our 2nd time attending the show. We have decided to return as we had a wonderful and great eye-opening experience from the last year's show.


Below are the details to the show:

The Table Tennis Centre
86 Green terrace
Windsor, Brisbane

Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 June

Doors open at 9:30 am - tickets at the door!

Highlights of the show: Over 100 trading tables selling EVERYTHING doll and bear lovers desire, including...  Antiques, Dolls, Bears, collectables, Greenware, Books, Patterns, Ribbons, Laces, Materials, Beading, Kits, Doll Houses, Furniture, Miniatures and much more.
Visit the website for more information:

Our table number is 97, do pop by to say HI to us!!!
Looking forward to see you there! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A lovely poem from Jiro's Mum and Dad

I am sorry, there will be new creations available this week for adoption. I will try to find some time to take some nice pictures next week.

Sharing with you today is another sweet little poem written by Jane and Mick who has recently adopted another wayneston Puppy Jiro.

Now Bailey's got a new friend
Who comes from Singapore
His name is little Jiro
We really need some more
He guards the mice in mouse hole
And sits so proud and tall
He has a bright red collar
Where is hung a lovely bell
He seems so very happy
It's so easy you can tell
We thank you Wayne sincerely
For making him so well
Our little alpaca bulldog in Hereford
Where he shall always dwell

Thank you Jane and Mick for the lovely poem, we hope to see more of these to share here again soon :)

Have a fantasic weekend everyone!!!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Panda ~ Reserved

Earlier this year, I have been in the process of making a new panda. Finally, he is now ready to meet and greet all of you!

His name is Tai Shan, a special bear made for my special friend, Margaret Burke (Nikkel Bears).

2 year ago, both of us agreed to have a swap and the time has finally come for us to do it!

Tai Shan will be flying together with me to the Brisbane Winter Wonderland Show on June later this year.
Margaret and I will meet up face to face to have the bears swapped, and have a picture taken to remember the occasion as well.

I hope you will like my new panda, Tai Shan, which was named by Margaret herself. :)

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, March 15, 2014

WIP today. Almost ready!

Sorry for not updating my blog actively! There are so much things happening which effects my bear making schedule and I wasn't in the mood to create anything!

Now I am starting my engine again, I have to work double hard to pull myself back to my favourite hobby (Bear Making) again.

Sharing with you today is my WIP Pony. She needs a name now. I will be listing her online next week, do pop by again soon to view more pictures of her :)

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bailey's New Home

We are thrilled to recieved news of Bailey's safe arrival at his new parents home in UK. They even sent us a picture of his new den!
His parents collect mainly mice. From a single look at the image, they have easily amassed more than 20 mice in their collection! WOW!
Baily is the white mouse seating down on the 3rd glass panel.
Picture of Bailey

Picture of Bailey
Baily's mum even wrote us a cute little Poem to share with the readers here on our blog.

Bailey the mouse
Has got a new home
As from Singapore he has roamed
 He has lots of new friends
From countries afar
Each one with great names
As they are all great stars
There's Cheese Cracker and Crumb with Stilton too
There's Milly and Hiccup and little Jimmy who sits with his cap on
Next to Albert and Smudger Little Smitch and Drum and Whizzer and Patch
They all are great fun
ScareCrow so tiny sat with his hat on
They're all so quite till the lights go on
They all live at Mouse Hole
The home of great mice                                                                                   With all of the bears they think it's so nice
Bailey sits with them and wishes for just one thing
To have one more mouse friend from a place called Sing(apore). 

Thank you Jane, for the creative and fun poem :)
* If you own a Wayneston Bears creation, we welcome you to share a picture with us today. Write something to us and we will share them here on our blog!
It always makes our day when we receive lovely email from our collectors.
Have a great weekend! =)
Hugs, Wayne