Saturday, August 25, 2012


Wayneston Bears proudly presents Annabelle.
 I can say Annabella is one of the best that I have ever created.
Annabelle is made from my friend's bear pattern (Joanne Livingston of Dessertmountainbears).
It's my honor to have this chance to create this special bear. If you have read more about me on my earlier blog post, I started making bears because of her works. Joanne is the source of my inspiration, she is a great friend and a great mentor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank her.
It took me approximately 10 hours to root the fur individually into the needle felted face of Annabelle. I broke 5 felting needles in order to finish her face. I am glad that I have enough felting needles to complete her and now I need to order new stocks for my next bears.
This is the 2nd time I tried felting a face, the first time was Caspian, the monkey swapped with Joanne. This is also the first time I air-brushed a bear's face.
Annabelle has wire and lockline armatures on her limbs, neck and spine. you can pose her easily. Her nose is hardened, sealed, sanded, painted and sealed again in many layers.
I hope you will like my new bear Annabelle, she is now available for adoption on Bear Pile.
Please take look at the link below.
Thank you for visiting us today, we wish you a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Wayne

Basic Bear Making Workshop in September

Hi everyone! Just a quick announcement.
Next bear making workshop is on
9 & 16 September 2012 (2 Sundays)
11.30am - 3.30pm

Closing Date: 6 September 2012
For more information, please click on the image above or email Wayne at:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Girl WIP (The End)

Alright, here are more pictures of my big girl here. I must say that she looks like a boy too...hmmm this will be very tough to think of a right name for him or her...

I have added more felting up to her forehead at her eyes level. I started off using coarse felting needle to harden and shape the face after that a fine felting needle to smoothen the face. The nose later sealed and harden.

When the face is done, I start to root the fur individually. It's an extremely time consuming process, it took me more than 10 hours to root the fur onto the face. I used fine felting needle to push the fur into the felted face, this makes the hole smaller and the fur holds firmly onto the face.

When the rooting on the muzzle is done, I razor and scissor sculpt the fur to make it shorter. I feel like a professional hair stylist when using the electric razor, it's so fun and easy to use!

She is almost done, I need to give her muzzle shadings.

Another side view of her.

I will be given her claws tonight, crossing my fingers that she will be ready for Bear Pile this weekend. Remember to come back and visit us!

Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update on my WIP Bear

Here's the big girl that I am working on right now. This bear is going to be special to me because I am going to try different techniques on her.

I am brave this time. I completely shaved off the fur on the muzzle right to the ears and forehead area. She is bald! While doing this, I referred to my friend, Joanne Livingston's blog as I progress. I guess the time has come now that I really need to make something different. It's already August and I need to accomplish the goals which I have set earlier this year which is to create another bear with lockline and a needle felted face.

Moving on, I felted her face with Corriedale wool, starting with the coarse felting needle to harden them and finishes off with the finest felting needle to smooth the face. A nose with another different colour is also felted onto the face.

After complete, I brushed dilute acrylics onto the face but it wasn't performing well at all as it makes the face wet. So, I poured the acrylics onto my Iwata airbrush and starting to spray on her face and Wala! I just love it! I am so glad that the airbrushing equipment which I have purchased last year has been made to good use! 

The nose has been harden as well and tonight I am going to root pieces of tan coloured mohair onto her face. This is so exciting and I love challenges.

I will share more progress of this big girl later.

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teddy Bear Day ~ Shopping

I was on holiday last few days, so I have decided to spend some time sourcing for some bear making supplies locally. Look what I have found?

Sheep Leather in 3 colours! These are 0.7mm thickness each, I am going to try to make paws and noses with these! =)

I have also purchased a trimmer from "Mustafa", this is what the barber uses. With this, I can razor sculpt my bears faces, It's so easy to use and cost only $26. Just charge this for 3 hours and it will last for 40 mins. I am using this on the latest bear, it's working great! I have now better control with the shape of the head.

Spending time and hunting for what you need makes my day a great day!
Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Wayne

Happy Birthday Singapore, my WIP Bear

I haven't been using my computer lately, trying to break away from staying long hours sitting in front of a computer because they really make my eye sight gone worst and making my belly bigger...LOL

I have been spending some time making bears, exercising and playing games! It's a bad thing to play this new card game on the mobile which gets me so addicted... they really know that I have a soft spot for card games and I have been spending many hours playing to become one of the top players in the game...hahaha

First of all, I wanted to wish Singapore a Happy Birthday, I really like the holiday! Whooohoo, I am not working for 5 days so this give me more time to work on the new bear which I am planning to complete this week.

As promise here are some of my WIP this week.

The bear cut into pieces before sewing

I call these "Happy Feets"

And these are my "Happy Paws"
She is almost complete, I will be working on her needle felted face tomorrow. I hope she turns out well, if she does she might be ready for the next magazine feature =)

Time to sleep, good night! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Megan Chamberlain's Blog Give-away

Megan, daughter of Wendy Chamberlain is also doing a blog give-away. This bear named Floss is also made from my give-away pattern they have won few months ago.

I want to thank Wendy and Megan for sharing their bears made with my pattern. You can see that even with the same pattern, the final product which is the bear looks completely different. They have reduced the size and chose a miniature fabric to make this bear. I guess this is something that most of the artists love to share because even if the pattern or techniques no ones makes the same bear!

I think Wendy's give-away is closing today, you may see the results at her blog:

To enter for Megan's give-away bear, visit her blog here:

Good Luck!
Have a wonderful week everyone =)

Hugs, Wayne