Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas my friends!

Dear all,
Thank you for your support all these years, we love reading your comments and feedbacks!
Next year is going to be another exciting year for us, we have already have some plans on new bear designs, workshops & events etc. We getting ready our brand new website soon.
We are very glad that doomsday never happen, it's a blessing and we will be making more bears and critters to surprise everyone! 
Wishing all of you, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Hugs, Wayne

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Dragon for a Doll

I would like to share with you today, one of our wonderful swap recently.

I have traded a dragon, Artemis for an Artist Doll "Felix" made by the famous Nikki Britt from US.

Artist profile - Introduction wrote by Nikki:

My name is Brittani Nicole LimaOsorio, but I go by Nikki Britt. I am primarily a sculptor but I like to dabble in photography, painting, drawing, bear making, and almost any form of art I can get my hands on! I enjoy what I do, it brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction every time I finish a piece. Through my art I like to portray the innocence of life. That time in our life when everything was magical and wonderful, when anything was possible and our imagination was our limit; when dreams were what life was made out of. The nostalgia of this time brings a smile to everyone...and that is my goal.

Above: Wintersnow and Felix
I really love Nikki's dolls, they are so child-like, sweet looking, posable and made with excellent craftmanship. You can view more of her beautiful creations on her website here:
You can see that Felix is still naked, I gotta find time to give him some make ups and clothes!
Felix is so photogenic! He looks good in any angle I posed him and fits nicely with Wayneston Bears! You will see more of him appearing in more of my bear photos.

Above is Artemis the Dragon which I made specially for Nikki. I hope you like him too.
Thanks for popping by today, we hope you enjoy reading about our swap.
Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A new squirrel ready for Christmas

Here's a new squirrel which I have made this week. His name is "Wintersnow".

He might be the last creation for the year because right now I plan to spend more time revamping my new website.

Wintersnow has inset white mohair on his hands, feet and belly. His eyes are needle felted, harden and sealed. He has wire armature on his tail and needle sculpted paw and footpads.

He is now reserved but you may view more of his pictures on Bear Pile:

Tomorrow, I will be sharing about my swap with a doll artist. Do pop by again to read more about our swap. Her dolls are really stunning!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, happy shopping for your Xmas gifts!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Booh Bear Giveaway!

My best friend, Janice is doing another give-away!
Visit her blog now to view more information on winning the bear, Meadow!
Closing date is on 31 December, so hurry!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Arghhhh, I couldn't finish him last week!

Nah, I couldn't finish him last week as I planned to... Here's the latest picture of him.
He now needs felted eyelids, shadings and a waxed polished nose and last but not least, A NAME!
It's so busy this month for me in office, stressed and tired. I hope to have a long holiday break soon...
He will be ready soon...I hope to finish him this week.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Wayne

Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to work!

Hi everyone! I have returned from my Army duty and back to work today!
At the meantime, I want to share with you a picture of the WIP squirrel I am working on now.

New critter on the way
In order to be more productive, I bought along my cut out patterns to sew during breaks in my bunk.

I took out from my bag, 2 conditioners filled with mohair, sewing kit and poly-fibre.
The first response when my bunk mates was "WHAT? YOU CAN SEW?"

Bunk mate:   "What? You sew???" "What are you sewing?"
Wayne:         "Yes, I am sewing a teddy bear"
Bunk mate:   "Are you making something similar to Build a Bear?"
Wayne:         "No, I design the bear pattern and handmade them from scratch"
Bunk mate:   "Who are you making for?"
Wayne:         "For a friend in US"
Bunk mate:   "How much are you selling them?" "How long does it takes you to make one?".....

After questions and more questions he walked to his bed and slept. The other bunk mates came to me and asked the same questions again... LOL

These are the typical questions that most people asked a bear artist. Most of the questions they are interested is how much can the bear sell for, whether is it profitable, time consuming and easy.

I would say that you have got to be patient, be creative and most importantly - like what you make.

I enjoy making teddy bears even if they don't sell. I have lots of unsold bears at my house and I still keep creating newer bears and animals. I am happy to keep them and I would be most happy if someone that appreciates my work buys my bear, this makes me even more happy than anything. All amount earns from my bear sales returns to the funds in bear-making and this keeps my hobby self-substaining, which means I need not fork out additional money every month. I am glad I have done it well so far, and I hope this keeps going.

I have finished sewing everything and he is now left to be stuffed and jointed.
Getting my fingers crossed on getting to complete him this week and send to my friend before Christmas.

We wish you a wonderful day at work and do pop by again later this week on our progress of this little critter :)

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Jester Bear, Smarty!

I am back from camp this weekend, I am glad to have complete this bear over the last few days.
Proudly presents a new Jester Bear named Smarty!

Smarty is created from the same pattern of the other Jester Bear named "Wonderwise" created last year. But, this time I have used a shorter pile length and different colour combinations. Both of them look different! This bear has a combination of 4 colours! Red, Green, Gold and Blue! Christmas is eyeing on us!

I hope you will like my new bear Smarty. He is available for adoption now on Bear Pile:

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Going away for 10 days National Service

Hi peeps, I am away for 10 days to serve the army! This might be a good time to put down some office work and unwind...

I am showing today some pictures of my WIP bear. This time it's a 4 colour bear consisting of Red, Green, Blue and Gold.

Brainstorming and selecting colour combinations

No name yet, and no ears!
To spend my time wisely in camp, I bought my cut out patterns to the army camp to sew during free time!

Getting my fingers cross to complete this little chap this week! See you soon! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Monday, November 12, 2012

Visiting Esther's Bear Booth

Last Saturday, I visit my bear friend, Esther Lee's bear booth at The Village, near Serangoon North.
The last time I met her was many months ago. It's fun meeting up with bear friend, chatting about the latest updates and techniques on bear making and techniques.

I bought along my latest panda, Day Dreamer and took a picture with Esther and her bears.

Esther is one of the pioneer bear artist in Singapore, I know that you wouldn't believe because she still looks so young! She is like my sister =)

One of my colleague helped me took this picture after my photography session with Day Dreamer. I am surprised that we have so many "Likes" on facebook. I am now motivated to create more beautiful bears to share on my blog with everyone. We would like to thank you for your lovely comments and coming back to read our blog.

We wish you a wonderful day.
Hugs, Wayne and Day Dreamer

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Happy Panda ~ Day Dreamer

"I would say this is probably the best Panda I've ever made" =)
Here's my latest Panda - Day Dreamer!
I dreamed of making another open mouth bear again, but was held me back everytime I tried to draw a new pattern - I was scared of failure.
Students asked me to teach open mouth designs but I knew that I am just not ready. My urge grew stronger and finally last month I drew a brand new Panda design with an open mouth.
I am ambitious, I gave it all I have learnt. His mouth is internally wired which enables him to open and close and most of all, the first attempt to create teeth and leather eyelids. 
I have never thought that this design would work at all, but what's in my mind is never to give up in any process of creating a bear. The earlier process of bear making always gave me the creator an illusion that it wouldn't turn out to "Look Good". I strongly believe that if you think postively, the bear will turn out to become something better than imagine - that's what I call MIRACLE.

If you are feeling happy while creating a bear, he/she turns out to be happy too!
Emotions can be infused into your creations too!

Making Panda, Day Dreamer really makes me really happy. I discovered unlimited possibilities. I even needle sculpted his gums and tongue! This is also my first time working with leather paw and foot pads. I have also learnt a new technique myself to create leather eyelids!
Day Dreamer is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:
I have more playful pictures of him there, so take a peek when you are free.
I hope you will like Day Dreamer. Have a wonderful weekend! =)
Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Japan Artist's Teddy Bear Trip in Singapore

I went to visit 2 of my Japanese Bear friends today at the Chinatown Square Central - They are having a mini bear exhibition in the shopping mall.

Meeting them makes me very happy! I can't understand or speak Japanese but they could understand English, it was fun having a conversation LOL...

(L-R): Ninna Kanai, Emi-Etchu & me
  Shinsuke-san & me
Bears made my Emi-san

Emi-san and her bears
Bears made by Emi-san
Niina-san and her bears
And lastly, these are my loots! I purchase these Merrythought Mohair bears from Shinsuke-san!
These are prefect xmas gifts!
What a wonderful day having to meet overseas friends! I look forward to see them again soon =)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vote for your favourite bears on French Teddy Awards!

Hi everyone!!! How's your weekend?
I have submitted 3 of my creations to the French Teddy Awards competition
a month ago and the voting starts today!
Below are my entries:
Annabelle (Dressed Category)

Marshmallow (Pandas)

Jiro (Others)
You can now vote for your favourite bears/animals at French Teddy Awards website below:
Thank you for visitng us today, have a great Sunday!!!
Hugs, Wayne

Thursday, November 1, 2012

WIP Open Mouth Panda

Good morning everyone, I just want to share some pictures of my latest WIP open mouth panda.
I can't remember when is the last time I did an open mouth bear, I had a sudden urge that I should do it again and here he is!
He is not completed yet, just 80% done. He needs 2 ears, eye lids, claws and baby teeth. Making this bear makes me excited. This time I used leather for his paw and footpads, they are turning out well.
I am getting my fingers cross to complete him this week.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Wayne

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wayneston Bears is featured on Teddy Bear & Friends December Issue

I am happy to announce that we are featured on Teddy Bear & Friends (US) Magazine, December Christmas issue! Hohoho!

My 2 little hedgehogs are featured on page 31, you may read more on the article here.

Both hedgehogs are now available for adoption on Bear Pile, you can view more of their pictures at the links below. The same Christmas hats that the hedgehogs are wearing on the magazine will be included when you adopt them.


Wayneston Bears: Spade & Jerald Hedgehogs (Left to Right)
Featured on page 31.


We hope you enjoy reading and have a great weekend!
Hugs, Wayne

Friday, October 19, 2012

New dragon Artemis

Hi everyone! I am so looking forward to this weekend, how about you?
I plan to spend more time on this weekend to work on a new panda design, his head is almost complete and I am very please with him.
I would like to share one of my latest dragon creation here named Artemis.
Artemis is made specially for a friend and we are having another swap!
I will be sending Artemis to her this weekend and most probably will be receiving her "creation" in 2 weeks time and I can't wait to share him here with you!
I hope you will like Artemis as much as I do. Have a wonderful day! =)
Hugs, Wayne