Monday, October 31, 2011

Behind the Scene

I believed by now you have already seen all the pictures of the bear show a few posts ago. Today I am going to share some of the "behind the scene pictures" on the day before the show. 

Here are some of the Wayneston Bears made by me

Not all are here, these are hand picked. I am selecting which ones to bring to the show.
Come take a picture with Papa =)

After selecting the bears to bring, I placed them onto my table display.

This is what it look underneath the black cloth. Yes these are boxes, every time I will packed all the bears into them and hand carry them to the show. To set up, I simply remove bears from the boxes and used these boxes as platforms for the table display. This way I need not bring extra boxes. As you can see here, I always do a mock up display before my shows, this will save time when you are setting up on the actual day =)
My table display on actual day

I think branding is important, I always have my Wayneston Bears Logo on my table. Make sure it is big enough for people to see from far. Namecards are important too, display them generously - you never know who may contact you for workshops or purchase a bear from you.
I hope you will enjoy reading this. I have just finished a new bear, but I am saving him for an event in December, will share this event soon with everyone, coming soon =)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wayneston Bears is featured on Russian Web Magazine "Pretty Toys"

Another great news this week. Wayneston Bears is featured on a Russian Web Magazine named "Pretty Toys!" Isn't that cool? You may view this digital magazine for free here:

Have fun reading! =)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beary Dinner with Local Bear Artists, Esther and Irene

I had a wonderful dinner tonight with Esther and Irene. We welcome Irene to our bear group! It's really nice to find another friend that love bears as well!

We meet at Novena Salad Stop as usual, both Esther and me loves salad... Esther says she is a goat and I say I'm a cow! All of us brought along bears to share, we held each others bears and started our bear talking.

After tonight, we are even planning on our next gathering session = bear making together!
So much fun, looking forward to the next time we meet.

Esther and Irene

Bear made by Esther and Irene

The bear I am holding is Yarnell and Esther is holding Madera. Both bears are made by Joanne  Livingston from US =)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The thing I love about bear making

I can't sleep that night before the bear show, I am excited about the show. Every year it's the most fun event that I am looking forward to and how does a Teddy Bear Show means to me?

Making teddies isn't just about the money, even though they are some artists that are doing this full time and I believe that they will agreed with me too. It's the passion and sense of accomplishment that we are searching for. For me, the yearly exhibition feels like an examination for me like the good old days in design school when we create fanciful projects to impress the public and the lecturers -  the feel of gamour and glitz in just that few hours. A Bear Show is a stage where we feel like celebrities, it's the feel good factor that I enjoy. After graduating from the design school, I felt that something is missing in my life and this is it, I have finally found it.

Time really flies, I can say that till today I still can't believe that I can make teddies. The birth of my 1st teddy seems just like yesterday. I have been making teddies for 2.5 years and this year is my 3rd time participating in the show. I want to thank my family for being so supportive and everyone out there for giving me the encourgement and support.

We Love You!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Singapore Teddy Bear Show Part 3 (Special Thanks to the people I love)

Yes, this will be the last part that I will be writing about the show. A special tribute to everyone that came to support the show (My family, relatives and friends) and you for reading this!
I want to thank Moob International for organising this yearly event for all bear artists around the whole to come together to do this exhibition. Organising such an event really takes time, man power and much planning to make it a success! 3 Cheers to Moob International, Issac Kong and Pamela Theng ^.^

Thanks for coming, Kim San & Family =)
Keiko-san & family, welcome to Singapore!
Nice to meet you again Geraldine 
Thanks for giving Sierra a home, Evelyn =)
Thank you Sahlan, Nurisha and daughter for your support!
My cousin Belle and husband
My long lost friend from Secondary school Yu Fei, nice to meet you again ^.^
Liza my colleage, thank you!
Great smile, Paul-san. See you next year in Seoul =)
My aunt and children ^.^
Thank you da jie, Sharine and sister for coming =)
My army friend Ron, it's your 2nd time here. Many thanks =)
Thank you Ms Lim  & Husband for adopting Caleb the Squirrel and Ricco the bunny =)
Cheryl, my good friend from design school. She learnt bear making from me last year =)
I am touched, my design lecturer Mr Teo and his wife is here to support! Thanks for the encouragement =)
Clarence from M Studio is here to support too, we will be using his studio to conduct bear workshop.
Our pioneer artist, Alicia and her student. Thank you for joining us this year!
Thank you for joining us on our teddy adventure, till we meet again sometime, someday, somewhere =)

Esther Lee is giving away a Xmas Bear!

Dusty by Esther Lee
 My good bear friend, Esther Lee is giving away a beautiful bear just in time for Christmas! Hohoho!
Visit her blog to read on more information to win this bear. I have sign up too!

Good Luck! =)

Singapore Teddy Bear Show Part 2 (The Singapore International Teddy Bear Awards 2011 )

2011 marks the fifth anniversary of The Singapore Teddy Bear Show. In celebration of this memorable milestone, the first “Singapore International Teddy Bear Awards (SITBA) is launched”, in conjunction with this year show.

These 7 categories namely:

A :Single Miniature Bear, Undressed or Dressed or Accessorized (up to 14cm)
B :Single Undressed Bear (15cm – 30cm)
C :Single Dressed Bear (15cm – 30cm)
D :Single Undressed Bear (33cm and over)
E :Single Dressed Bear (33cm and over)
F :Single Undressed or Dressed or Accessorized Animal (in any size). Not a Bear.
G :Tableaux - A group of 2 or more Bears / Animals (in any size)
Undressed or Dressed or Accessorized, with or without props
The entries were reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges, who evaluate each submission on overall aesthetic appeal, excellence in concept, design and execution, and quality of material and workmanship.
Nominees were exhibited at The Singapore Teddy Bear Show 2011, for public viewing and final judging and awards were presented during the show.

IMG_2582IMG_2594IMG_2610IMG_2617       IMG_2638IMG_2640IMG_2641       IMG_2685IMG_2705

Here’s my 2 entries: Dazzel the Panda and Herbie the Squirrel. Both of them have made me proud! Dazzel won 3rd place in the Undress Bear Category (15-30cm) and Herbie has emerged as the winner of the Animal Category. I am thrilled! This is the first time that my creation has won 1st place!


Stay tune for part 3: I will write it tomorrow =)