Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Completed a new bear yesterday night.

I have finish another new bear yesterday night... Will post new pictures later this evening.
I still need to complete about another 3 bears to prepare for my november teddy bear show this november.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More of my earlier bears

Some of the images below are also some of my earlier bears which I m abit kinda lazy to post :P
I m going to lost track of how many bears that i have made soon... I cant remember there birth date :( Hope by putting up my babies in this blog helps me to update on my progress each week.
Dear Friends, kindly give me some comments for me to improve further on my bear making skills. Thanks yer!

This little friend here is named snowball. He is 6 jointed, the first bear that i have made with a double neck joint which allows him to rotate 2 parts around it's head/neck area.

Snowball with elve bear made by Tracy

Bears made by aleeza, tracy, natedaniel and me :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Number 10th Bear

Yes... I have finally made my 10th bear! To celebrate the making of my 10th bear, I have made a bear for my Teacher, Mr Emen Chen. After making the number 10th bear, I have made myself another piece similar to the no. 10th template. I m just loving it! Aren't them adorable?

Number 10th and 9th bear: Chocolate Vanilla

Teacher Emen and Me :)

Number 10th and 11th

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some images of my art classmates

There are some of my cute classmates :) Most of them are in secondary 3-4 and of course the youngest are aged 5-6.

More images of my earliest bears

Time flies, I have already been making bears for 5 months. I have never thought that this passion could sustain for quite a long period of time. Bear making is never easy, as there are 2 important factor that must take into consideration before you start into this art.

1) Time (I have my full time job, hence I can only spend a few hours a day)
2) Money (Bear Makinging materials are super duper expensive!... Most of the materials need to be imported from overseas like Japan, Germany etc..)

All i can say is that bear making is an expensive hobby... I m blessed that I have a monthly salary to keep this hobby =)

There are some of my earliest bears.

2nd Bear
Name: Xiao Fu
Birth: Unknown

3rd Bear
Birth: Unknown

4th Bear
Birth: Unknown

5th Bear
Name: Wolfy
Birth: Unknown

6th Bear
Name: Nil
Birth: Unknown

7th Bear
Name: Nil
Birth: Unknown

8th Bear
Name: Nil
Birth: Unknown

9th Bear
Name: Nil
Birth: Unknown

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New blog!

Hi everyone! I have decided to set up a new blog to post the bears that i have made.
As I will be spending most of my time making bear, I should be only able to add a new post weekly :)

I made my bears every day after my work, erm about 3-4 hours a day. Thanks to my teacher Emen Chen who taught me bear making skills, I m a step closer to my dream as a toy designer :)

Here are some of my older bears that i have made during my class.

Proudly presents my first bear - Rosie!!!

Here are some of the pictures which show the process of bear making :0)

Week 1: Making of the bear's head

Week 2: Stitching of the nose

Week 2: Stitching of body parts and joints

Week 3: Joining of body parts

I will post more images of my earlier bears in my next posting.