Monday, July 30, 2012

Basic Bear Making Workshop 21 & 29 July 2012

2 of the students signed up for the Basic Bear Making Workshop this time, they did a wonderful job in completing their bears.

This is the first time Liza makes a Teddy Bear, it's going to be a special one, specially made for her husband. I am sure he will love this handmade gift =) Liza has sewing background, her stitches were neat and I can see that she has the talent of becoming a good bear artist.

Stop squeezing my head, I'm having a headache! LOL

Another student, WL is making his 2nd bear this time for a friend as a gift. This is another refresher course for him since the last time he signed up for the workshop was in January. He is a patience man, when it comes to sewing he is quiet and focus. We can see that the improvements he had comparing to the first bear he has made.

Proud mummy of the first bear!
Both of them did well and I am very proud of them, looking forward to see Liza and WL soon for the next workshop. =)

Bear on left made by Liza and Right by WL

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Marmalade is also available now on Bear Pile.
He is a similar pattern as Nutella, made of Topaz coloured curly alpaca. He is a playful chap, looking for a new home right now.

We have just ended another basic bear making workshop today. The students have completed their very first teddy bear and I am very proud of them. More pictures will be ready to share on my blog tomorrow.

 Have a lovely weekend everyone ♥

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello everyone!
Nutella 6" is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:
He is 6 inches tall, made of curly alpaca, wears a ruffle and a red bell.

I am currently working on a new realistic bear pattern this week, will share some pictures soon in few days time. I hope you enjoy viewing Nutella and have a great week!

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Give-Away by Wendy Chamberlain

Wendy is one of the lucky winners of my Blog Give-away. She won a 8" bear pattern several months ago and has created a miniature version of this bear as a Blog Give-away in celebration of their 20th Essential Bears Anniversary.

Isn't this little girl name Maddie cute? I am entering for this give-away too, so wait are you waiting for? Pop by Wendy's Blog today to enter this draw!

Happy Anniversary to Essential Bears!!! =)

Hugs, Wayne

Friday, July 20, 2012

Marco is on Bear Pile today!

Marco is listed on Bear Pile today. He has a 4 piece head design too, it seems that all the new 4-piece designs turns out pretty well and I really love the shape of the head, I will be experimenting and making more of such designs in the near future.

 You may click on the link below to read more about Marco.
If you would like to adopt Marco, you can send me an email (

Hope you will like Marco, thanks for viewing and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Wayne

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jerald the Little Hedgehog

I have made another hedgehog, his name is Jerald. This cute little one is just 5 inches tall, he fits nicely onto your palm and his chubby tummy makes you want to squeeze him! LOL


This is also one of my favourite creations. Comparing to the last hedgehog which I have made named Spade, both are equally cute and I am happy with both of them!


Both the hedgehogs are now available on Bear Pile. Thanks for peeking and say Hi to them!
Bedtime for me, good nite! =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zec the Bunny is now available for adoption

Zec the Bunny is another critter which I have created recently for the Friends of Teddy online show. Like the 2 Koalas, he has a 4 piece head design and a needle felted nose, sealed and painted.

He is very chubby, nice to hold and even has wire armatures on his ears!
Join him in a Tossing Rings Game!

Zec is now available for adoption on Bear Pile.

We hope you like him as much as we do =)

Hugs, Wayne

Monday, July 16, 2012

Reminder - Closing Date for Basic Bear Making Workshop 20 July

The next Basic Bear Making Workshop is scheduled on:
22 & 29 July (2 Sundays)

Below are the details, for enquiries please contact Wayne at:
1 ~ 2 More Seats Available!

2 new Koalas

Here is 2 of the latest critter I have created. They are 2 Koalas namely Jarren and Darren. I am inspired to make them after my trip to Melbourne in May. Both have 4 piece design head and a needle felted nose, sealed and painted with acrylics.

Darren the Koala

Jarren is now available for adoption on Bear Pile.

Darren is adopted and will be flying to US this week.
We want to thank you for spending your precious time visiting our online show page last week.

Good bye my dear Darren ♥
Have a wonderful day =)
Hugs, Wayne

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friends of Teddies Online Show is now open!

Yeah! Our show page is all ready to ROCK!!!
These are of the creations made specially for the Online Show. The show is now open, visit to see talented artists from 75 countries. Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

Hugs, Wayne








Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting Ready for the Friends of Teddy Online Show!

Hi everyone! I have finally completed making all the critters for the "Friends of Teddy" Online Show! I am so excited, this event will be starting this coming Friday!

It's just 4 more days! Yipppeee!

The show features amazing animals and teddies made by 75 talented artists from around the globe!
All creations seen on the show are all available for adoption.

What's more? There is a "Collector's Choice Award" for the Winning Animal with the most votes! So come visit the preview and vote for your favorites! Voting Ends Thursday July 12 at 11:59pm New York time!

Vote now through July 12 at

Here is another picture of my bunny, Zec. If you like him, please vote for him too!
Thank you! See you there! =)

Hugs, Wayne