Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boey the Polar Cub

We are proud to present to you today one of our latest creation, Boey the Polar Cub.

Boey is 8.5 inches tall, made from soft long mohair. 
Boey is designed with a open mouth. His mouth has inbuilt wire armature, enabling him to open and close his mouth. He is one of our very few bears with an open / close mouth feature. The teeth and claws are hand sculpted without any mould.

Boey also has many other interesting features. Being 5 way jointed with wire armatures on the limbs and spine allows him to pose in many ways. Like all other Wayneston Bear creations, he has the signature needle sculpted fingers and toes on the palms and feet.

With leather eyelids, Boey exudes the sleepy look. His nose is needle felted and later painted, then sealed. Boey is One-of-a-Kind, completely hand-made with love and care.

If you would like to adopt Boey today, do visit him at ABI:
Bear Pile:

We hope you will like our new polar and have a great weekend! 

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Winners of Wayneston Bears' give-away is.....

The special day has finally arrived! Early this morning, we drew the 3 lucky winners for our Blog give-away.

The special guest of course, is no one else other than Randilyn, who was eager and anxious to know who her new owner was, and which part of the world she would be travelling to.

After mixing the entries of the draw with her hands, she passed the chosen slip of paper to Wayne.


And the 3rd Place winner who has won Skyler the Bear PDF Pattern is……. 

Cheryl Burkehouse!
(PDF pattern will be sent to your email, thank you for your participation).

Randilyn quickly placed her hand deep into the box and pulled out the 2nd Place Winner, walking away with Scruffy the Mouse PDF Pattern………

 Sandra Marie!
(PDF pattern will be sent to your email, thank you for your participation).

Finally, the time has come to draw the winner of the Grand Prize. Randilyn was shivering with excitement as I opened the slip of paper to reveal the winner and new owner of a Wayneston Bear, Randilyn.

(Please send me your address so I can mail the bear to you).
We want to thank everyone for your active participation in our 5th blog give-away! We hope you will continue following us on our blog and facebook. 

Congratulations to all winners! Have a fabulous week everyone!

Cheers, Wayne

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wayneston Bears Creations are featured on Teddy Bear Times June 2014!

We are very pleased to share an article with you today. It's a 3 full page article about us! Yeah!!!

It's our very first time on the Teddy Bear Times magazine, we want to thank the publisher and editor, Ms Laren Nielsen for writing an article on us!

Click on the images below to enlarge! Have a great Friday!

Cheers, Wayne

Three Mousekateers

Happy Friday!!! We are glad to hear that the "Three Mousekateers" has arrived UK safely! Their dad and mum had just sent us a picture of them with the other Wayneston Bears in their collection! This really made our day!

Cheers, Wayne

Monday, June 16, 2014

Three Wayneston Mice are on their way to UK!

One of our regular collectors has adopted three of our latest mice creations! We are happy that they will be living with their friends and new parents in UK.

Hi! My name is Benedict

Mice to meet you!

My name is Dorinn.

How are you today?

Hey! I am Samuel!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for coming to visit us!
The collector even wrote us a lovely poem again this time! Thank you Mick and Jane for the sweet thoughts, it really makes our day :)

On a plane to England
Three mice sit quietly
There's Samuel and Benedict
And Dorinn that makes three
They all are so excited
As they never flown
It's going to be great fun for them
To have a brand new home
There will be a great big party
When they get there
And all the mice at Mousehole
Will give a great big cheer

Hugs, Wayne

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brisbane Winter Wonderland Bears and Dolls Show 2014

This year, the Winter Wonderland Show was held at the Table Tennis Centre, 86 Green Terrace, Windsor. It was a 2 days event on 7-8 June 2014, with over 120 trading tables comprising of Doll and Bear Artists, Suppliers and Antique dealers. The show started promptly at 9.30 and very soon the event hall was filled with visitors moving around with excitement on their faces.

Wayneston Bears table display.

Esther Lee with her table display.
It was a pity that we missed the deadline for the competition this year. We thought that we could submit our bears and animals on the day of the setup. However, the deadline for submission was 2 hours before the timing of the setup and the judges have already judged the entries. It was very disappointing as we have made so much effort to complete the bears and animals specially for the competition.

Nevertheless, we were happy to meet up with most of the artists whom we met last year namely, Tracey Sully, Lisa Dopking, Laraine White, Susan Leigh, Valma Bolton, Stephanie Raye, Margaret Burke, Ann-Marie, Robyn and Alph Gan.

Tracey Sully

Laraine White

Margaret Burke

Ann-Marie Cole

Robyn & Alph Gan

Linda Bean

Stephanie Raye

Susan Leigh
We were also pleased to have made new artist friends like Linda Bean, Rhonda Lomax and Evonne Carr.
I brought along 28 bears and animals in total. On the first day, one of my collector who purchased a mouse last year came back to visit our table. This time, she adopted one of my latest creations, Fortune the Pony. I was very happy that she has appeared once again to support the show. I am very thankful for her continuous support and took a photo with her for remembrance. My best friend Philip brought along his latest gadget, a portable photo printer and printed a copy of the photo on the spot! The lady was extremely amazed and delighted to have a picture taken and given to her on the spot!

Fortune and her new mum, Carol
I managed to sell a few of my mouse patterns and ruffles made by my mum. The location was spacious and clean, plus the weather was good. However, the turnout this year wasn’t as good as last year from my observation. Despite this, all of us remained positive and hopeful that more people would come next year.

As there were many things to see, I took the opportunity to slip away on a few occasions to shop for materials and view the various beautiful dolls and bears made by other talented artists, leaving my parents and Philip to mind the table!

I adopted a bear from Linda Bean, had a bear swap with Margaret Burke, and purchased a Dianna Effner porcelain doll from an antique dealer. I also purchased a few pieces of beautiful mohair from Teddybits and Gerry’s.

Bear Swap with Margaret Burke
We adopted a bear from Linda Bean
After the first day of the show, a huge group of us arranged to have dinner together. After all of us gathered, we squeezed into the available cars and travelled to Eat Street Markets for dinner. For many of us, this was our first time visiting the place and we were greeted by a massive amount of people jostling around, trying to get seats. It was a challenge to manoeuvre around all the food stores that were inside.

Eat Street Markets only opens on Fridays and Saturdays. There were over 60 shipping containers reconfigured as mini restaurants, offering a selection of delicious international dishes. We rewarded ourselves by having a feast after a long day at the show!

A group photo at Eat Street Markets

L-R: Me, Shirley, Margaret, Susan and Lisa.

L-R: Helen, Tracey, Evonne Carr, Laraine, Geoff, Esther and Valma

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who came down to support the show. This show is nothing without you

Also, we want to thank Liz Radford for organising such a wonderful event for artists to showcase their works. Thank you for having us at the show!

Lastly, I would like to thank my family and friends for their support and company. I have enjoyed myself tremendously and this trip wouldn’t be the same without them!

To all friends, we do hope to see you in Australia soon…… next year!

Hugs, Wayne