Sunday, April 29, 2012

Preview of Wayneston Bears for Melbourne Bear Fair

Yes! The bears are all finally ready to rock! These are the latest creations specially created to bring to Melbourne bear fair, I will be bringing along my other creations as well.

Now that all is done, I got to prepare their COAs, swing tags and my namecards etc before the show! For the next few days I have to pack my luggage, change currency to Australia dollars and do a mockup display for the show. I am sure it's going to be fun!

Counting down 7 days to the Melbourne Bear Fair, see you there! =)
Hugs, Wayne

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wayneston Bears Banner is Ready!

I have collected our table banner today! This is specially make for my exhibitions and shows in Singapore and Overseas!

I designed this banner artwork with photoshop and sent it to my printer to print on PVC with eyelets. It has 6 eyelets in total, therefore it could be hang onto the ceiling, wall or table with cable ties, safetly pins or strings. The PVC material is good, it is water proof hence cleaning it is easy with a wet cloth.

Printing cost is cheap as well, this size which i have made (1700 x 500mm), only cost approximate 24USD! At such affordable price, I would even consider changing the design every year with new bears and backgrounds! =)

In the past I would just place a small photo frame with my logo on my table, however i think it's too small and not prominent. With this banner, I hope that visitors could find table easily.

We will be taking a night flight next Friday to Melbourne and touch down on Saturday morning. We will be having dinner with an Australian artist that day... Who is she? I am keeping this a secret now, she will be reveal after the show!

See you all on Sunday 6th May 2012.
@ Berwick Leisure Centre, 79 Manuka Rd, Berwick VIC

Bye now, I am in the midst of sewing a little critter and he will be ready this week.
Preview pictures will be ready soon!

Hugs, Wayne

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Winner of Wayneston Bear Blog Give-away is...

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I was having a late meeting last night in office hence I was unable to do the draw yesterday.

My youngest sister has volunteered to be the guest of honour to draw the winners for the 3rd Anniversary Blog Give-away. Wayneston Bears now proudly presents the winners below, and the winners are..... Drum Roll.....

The Winner of Wayneston Bear Blog Give-away is...

3rd Prize
Wendy Chamberlain
(PDF pattern will be sent to your email shortly) 

2nd Prize
Linda Hearn
(PDF pattern will be sent to your email shortly)

(You won the bear - Little Annie!)

Congratulations to all winners.
Thank you for all your participation and continuous support!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Outing @ Universal Studios Singapore

We had a wonderful day on Saturday at the Universal Studios Singapore. This new theme park is offically opened on May 2011. It has 7 themes namely - Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

My Cousin Christoper and me @ Far far Away Land

The 4D ride at Far Far Away was one of the ride which we enjoyed. We were all seated in an auditorium with a big movie screen. As you follow along Shrek's adventure, the chairs starts shaking with air blowing and even water splashing into your face! It's very fun, thrilling, the children loves it too.
Mum and Me with Puss in Boots

Directional Signage

Among all the rides, my favourite is the Transformer 4D ride!!! It's so exciting and we took the ride 2 times!

Funny poses - Heroes saving the earth

Transformer Bottles - Pretty Cool!

My childhood memorabilia
Why are we wearing trash bags? NO! They are rain coats! We were equipped with these survival suits because we are going for the splashing raft ride into the Jurassic Park!

The rafts keeps turning as it flows down the river, not scary but fun!
Mum and Dad on Pteranodon 

Look! We are so small!

The mischievous Puss in Boots!

Let's Boogie, Dance Performance by critters of Madagascar 

Ladies in New York dancing and singing! Great voice and dances!

Bettle Juice stop pulling my bag!

Marie Monroe blowing kisses

The Ancient Eqypt
After finishing your rides, don't go home so soon! There is a mascot parade at 6.30pm! The parade will moves around the theme park. At 9pm there is fireworks too!

The Rock from the Revenge of Mummy

We hope your enjoy the visual trip to Universal Studios Singapore! =)

Notice - Wayneston Bears Blog-Giveaway

The Wayneston Bears Blog Give-away is now offically closed. Results for the Blog-give away be announced on a later date on 24th or 25th April. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
I am suppose to have the random draws for the blog-away tonight, however I had to stay back late in office for a meeting so it has to be delayed. Sorry for the inconveniences caused!

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Banner for Blog and Facebook Page =)

I have just designed a new banner for my blog and facebook fan page. This design will be also used to print a table banner for my bear shows in Singapore and Overseas. I would appreciate if you can give me some feedbacks on improving this banner design. Thank you in advance!

Cheers, Wayne =)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wayneston Bears is taking part in Teddies Worldwide Show!

Hi peeps! Wayneston Bears will be participating the the Teddies Worldwide - Friends of Teddy Online Show! The show starts on 13th July and ends on 15th July.

This show is unlike the previous online shows hosted by Teddies Worldwide; this time it's an animal show! As the name highlighted that it's a "Friends of Teddy" show, you will be expecting to see lots of soft cuddly animals besides bears. Personally I enjoy making animals so this is just the right show for me!

I love challenges and hope one day to create a zoo. If you any animals in mind that you would like me to make, do let me know, you might see them appearing as special guests in this show! =)

Monday, April 16, 2012

REMINDER - Wayneston Bears 3rd Anniversary Blog Give-away!

REMINDER! - It's just 7 more days to our 3rd Anniversary Blog Give-away! Have you missed this?
You may take part by leaving a comment on my give-away post here!
By now you should see names of participants on the blog post, if you can't find your name please email me. (*Note : You must leave a comment on my blog post to take part in this event).

The Winner will receive a Wayneston Baby Little Annie, 2nd & 3rd Place will receive PDF pattern to make a 8 inch bear, Peaches! Good Luck!

Winners will be announced on 23 April 2012!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wayneston Bear Making Workshop 8 & 15 April 2012

We have just ended our bear making workshop, it was fun and we have lots of laughter. This time, we have a male student! You will be very impressed that he could sew very well and fast!

The students were very patient and I could see that they enjoy this bear making class. Although this is their first time making a bear, the outcome of the final products are very well done! Good work and I am very proud of them!

Due to the overwhelming response of the workshops, I may have another bunny workshop coming up again in end of May or June after my Melbourne trip! Please visit our blog again for details or sign up for our mailing list.

Hope you will like these pictures we took today! =)
Happy Bear Making!