Friday, September 23, 2016

Wayneston Bears is featured on Australian Bear Creations Magazine, October 2016

Dear all,

We are pleased to be informed that Wayneston Bears is featured on the latest issue of the Australian Bear Creations Magazine, October 2016!

Look! Wayne's mum is on the left picture behind the 2 Students!
This issue features our bear, Bobby as well as other bear/mouse patterns from Linda Bean, Margaret Burke and Kay Schulz.

Purchase a copy today to receive the pattern to make Bobby!
We want to take this opportunity to thank Australian Bear Creations and Ms Susan Leigh for featuring Bobby!

Hugs, Wayne

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hugglets Teddies 2016, 11 September 2016

Hugglets is well known for hosting 2 Teddy Bear Festivals at Kensington Town Hall each year; namely "Winter Bearfest" in February and "Teddies" in September. Both events are always well received by Teddy Bear Artists and collectors alike. In addition, Hugglets also produce the annual UK Teddy Bear Guide and has a large database of Teddy Bear Makers listed on their website.

We are very honoured and excited to participate in Teddies 2016 this year. It is our first time visiting UK and participating in a Teddy Bear event at the same time! Held at Kensington Town Hall on 11 September, there were over 170 stands of participating Teddy Bear Artists and Dealers in the 4 allocated halls. The layout of the tables was good as there was a lot of room for visitors to maneuver around.

As we wanted to walk around and see other participating artists/dealers tables, we reached Kensington Town Hall at 9am to do the setup. We were surprised when some artists recognised and greeted us when they saw us. At the same time, we were also thrilled to meet many popular artists at the show and most of them have been in the industry for more than 10 years! We were pleased to meet some of the reputable artists namely, Wendy and Megan Chamberlain (UK), Allen Hsu (USA), Andrea Maria (Austria), Sandra Piper (UK), Dagmar Seibel (Germany), Lanie Edwards (UK), Frank Webster (UK), Jane Mogford (UK), Susan Donaj (UK), Christina Metcalfe (UK), Art Rogers (USA), Marina Osetrova (Russia) and many more!

Jane Mogford (UK)
Oz Waller (UK)
Susan Donaj
Marina Osetrova (Russia)

Jean & Bill Ashburner (UK)
Wayne, Megan and Wendy Chamberlain (UK)
Dagmar Seibel (Germany)
Lanie Edwards (UK)
Mike Whittle (UK)
Frank Webster (UK)
Gill Cattroll (UK)
Anja Meier (Germany)
Some of the bear artists whom we met in the July's Japan Teddy Bear with Friends Convention, Vera Vlasova (Russia), Masako Kitao and Sayo Sato (Japan) came to the show too!

Vera Vlasova (Russia)
Masako  Kitao (Japan)

Soyo Sato (Japan)
It's really amazing having few of our "Virtual Reality Friends" from Facebook walked up and say "Hi" to us. Initially, we looked stunned because we don't really know who they were. Wayne apologised and asked for their names, before realising that they have been Facebook friends for many years! Please use your real photo for the Facebook profile and not your bear photo so we can recognise you! LOL!

We were also happy to have met Allen Hsu and his friends from USA. Allen is a Taiwanese who is now based in USA. He warmly invited us to pay him a visit should we travel to US someday and he would show us around!

Joseph Hughes, Allen Hsu and Wayne
Sandra Piper (Skye Rose Bears) was really friendly! She came to our table and said "Hi"! Lynnie Bowie (Madabout Bears) took a selfie with Wayne and immediately posted it on Facebook! Wayne also met Andrea Maria (Dreli-Bears), who makes Teddies, Dragons and Seahorses! We met Wendy & Megan Chamberlain (Essential Bears) face to face at the event too! They were the lucky winners who won our blog give-away in year 2012! Their lovely miniature bears are so intricately hand crafted and precious!

Sandra Piper (UK)

Lynn Bowie (UK)

Andrea Maria (Austria)
Opposite our stand is Christina Metcalfe (A bear named Jack). Christina told us she is a fan of our works and blog! This really made our day at the show! Thank you for following us!

Christina Metcalfe

Wayne holding on to Christina's favourite bear
Christina's sold most of her bears and had a successful show, we are happy for her. Wayne took a picture with her and her favourite bear.

At the very first hour of the show, we had a collector from Germany at our stand. She told us that she could recognise us as she reads about Wayneston Bears from one of the German Teddy Bear magazine! The collector made us very happy, being our very first customer at the show! Jayven the mouse found a new mum and we took a lovely group photo with her. Thank you Ms Elisabeth Cohn for adopting Jayven!

Jayven and her new mum!
We also had a very pleasant surprise when our dear friend, Irene Goh and her daughter, Sherlyn Goh, came from Singapore to visit us too! We were very touched to have great friends coming a long way to support us!

Wayne, Irene and Sherlyn
As there were simply too many tables for us to take photographs, we managed to take pictures of tables mostly from Halls 1 and 2 only.

Jena Pang and Wayne

Before the event ended, Wayne met Art Rogers at his stand. One of Art's bears, Orsin, stole Wayne's heart! Wayne decided to adopt him and took a picture together with Art and Orsin.

Art Rogers (USA)
Art, Orsin and Wayne
The organisers of Hugglets, Irene and Glenn Jackman were very friendly and helpful. They even gave us a complimentary UK Teddy Bear Guide Book.

Wayne and Irene
Thank you Hugglets for having us at the Teddies 2016. We want to thank everyone who attended this event, making it a success.

Philip and Wayne
Hope to see you again soon in the near future in London!

Wayne & Philip
*This article is written by Wayne and edited by Philip.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Meet Kyandi Ryuu, our new dragon design available for adoption! 

Hello everyone!

First of all, we would like to specially thanks all who show up at the Teddies 2016 event held in Kensington Town Hall, London last Sunday. Thank you for making this a successful show!

Today, we are very pleased to introduce a new dragon available for adoption today.

Kyandi Ryuu means "Candy Dragon" in Japanese. Kyandi Ryuu stands at approximately 8.5 inches tall and is born from hand-dyed mohair.

You may more pictures and read more about him at our website below

Wayneston Studios

Wishing all a great week ahead!
P.S: Please stay tuned on our blog review of the Teddies 2016 later end of this month!

Hugs, Wayne