Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Coley & Alfy

New Wayneston baby Coley is born! Make from the same pattern of Gabbi, but he has a different look! =)

Alfy is my 2nd full coloured pink bear that i have created... if u have the time, you can take a look at my first post, which is the first bear i have learn to make from my teacher. =)

Both are now available in my online Etsy shop.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Barney, Pedro and Candice

I have finally find some free time to update my blog =)

There seems to be soooo many things to do but so little time, i really wish i could have more time for myself...

I love weekends, both days are the only free time i can make my bears - 100% focus!!!

Here are the latest 3 bears that have been made which supposed to be ready 2 weeks ago. Hahah... i need more time!

This time round i tried needle felting! It was really cool.. but kinda time consuming but worth while! I have needle felted a carrot for Barney, a heart shaped candy for Candice, eye lids for Pedro (I think is not yet perfect, i'll need more practising) and designs felted onto Pedro's collar and hat.

Barney the bunny (My first male bunny!) 7.5"

Pedro the Mexican Bear! 9"

Candice 6.5"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wayneston Babies - Jerry 5.5"

I have been thinking for quite some time to name a new edition of my bears.

I have finally got a name for these smaller bears size 5-6" inch by naming them Wayneston Babies. Smaller miniature (if i create in the future) will call Wayneston Minis.

This is the 2nd Waynestonbabies, Jerry. The 1st baby is just a few post below baby panda Gabbi.

Here are some images of Jerry. He will be available in my Etsy online shop =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Needle felting Supplies!

Yeah! My needle felting supplies have finally arrived =) I m going to try felting... =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New miniature bear created!

Look! I have made a new breakthrough!! A 2.5" Miniature bear!!! WAHHAHA!
He looks so funny though... i posted him here for a laugh, hope to share the laughter and joy to the viewers =)

This bear is created with a bear kit given to me by Katie, thanks!!!
I have a hard time doing this, he is soooo tiny! My clumsy fingers just keep failing to listen to me :P anyway, i m happy to create him =) I salute to all miniature bear artist out there.

The smallest bear i made before him is 5.5" now ---> 2.5" wow such a big jump! Hahah... i think he is the smallest i can made, any smaller = no go!!! (maybe next time when i get better :p)

I m so happy to have him now in my palm =) Have a good laugh...

Celebrating Wayneston Bears 1st Anniversary!

I am proud to announce Wayneston Bears is 1 years old! Woah, time flies... I could never have imagined myself making bears and now... it’s 1 year old!!!

Its a difficult path to become a bear artist, there are so many hurdles and difficulties that I have had to face... every time I looked back, I smiled and said 'it's worth it!' I would like to say Bear Making has changed my life!!! There are so many nice people around me giving me a push to make this possible, if not I might have given up...

I am glad that I’ m still pursuing my dream to become a toy designer, maybe right now as a bear artist you would say it's totally different! But from my point of view, its still considered a small little part of achievement that I would like to conquer... Toys are too vague... soft toys, designer toys, legos, barbie dolls, Bandai, Tomy... etc, too many to define! Bear artist are just so exclusive =) They cannot be mass produced, this makes them special =)

Special thanks to my teacher Emen Chen who taught me the art of bear making =) Without him I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dream, get to know so many nice people around me, he is the greatest man I have ever know. I hope that I will become a good artist to repay his kindness.

Special thanks to Fabian Song, another teacher whom I have always called my grand master, pioneer bear artist in Singapore. Although he hasn't taught me any skills on bear making, he gave me some feedback on how I can improve my bears. If there is a chance, I would love to learn more tips from him.

Special thanks to my lovely mum, who gives me support, teaches me how to use a sewing machine and sew the lovely clothes for my bears.

Special thanks to my friend Katie, who purchased my first bear in Etsy =) She has given me lots of encouragement and this makes me feel warmly. I know there is always someone out there giving me moral support. Thanks for the gift you sent me, I really love it =)

Special thanks to Urenda, for giving me a chance to display my bears in A Bear Place =) I will continue to make better bears for your lovely shop.

Special thanks to Joanne. You might not know this... you are the source of encouragement too. Before I started bear making, I saw your bears and they really really touched my heart, I wanted to be somebody like you =) your work inspires me each time I see them. I was fascinated the first time when you commented on my work in facebook, the feelings could not be described, I felt noticed...
Thank you, you are a star =)

Bear making has given me soooo much... I love everyone that I know =)

Wishing everyone good health and good fortune =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Panda Gabbi 5.5"

Here's a new baby panda named Gabbi! She has a funny face :P

2 more days to Wayneston's Anniversary! Weeee

Grand Opening! A Bear Place (Singapore)

Today is a big day for A Bear Place! I have attended the grand opening, wow there are lots of visitors =) Here are some pictures taken on the event.

Look at the smile of Urenda on the big day! =)

Bear Workshop by Teacher Emen and Fabian Song

I am so honored to have my little brown bear placed next to grand master Fabian Song :P

Teacher Emen and Student Wenting

Teacher Emen and Me =)

Bear Supplies!!

Grand master Fabian and Me =)

Mark and Me

Look at the 2 impressive grizzle bears made by Mark! Wow =)

Bear made by Urenda. Isn't she cute!

Bear made by my favourite bear artist, Joanne Livingston! (How i wish have saved enough to buy one of her bears)

Bear made by Judy Paul, one of my favourite artist too! Wow!

After looking at all the fabulous bears, I am even more determined to be a good bear artist, I will continue to strive and do my best to improve!!! =)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First birthday gift of the year!

I am so excited to see my first birthday present for this year - miniature bear kits! Thanks Katie, I really really love the card and the gift.

I am going to start making the mini bears over the weekend and I really do hope these kits can help me to brush up my skills in making minis. I hope to create Wayneston Minis in the near future.


5 more days to Wayneston's Birthday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lucas is in town!

Good day everyone! Lucas is in town!
Hope everyone enjoy their easter day, have fun!

Counting down! 7 days to Wayneston Bears 1st Anniversary, Yipppe!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New bears available in "A Bear Place"

Wayneston Bears are now available in "A Bear Place"!
Counting down! 11 more days to Waynestonbears' First Anniversary!