Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tommy the kitten now available for adoption!

Can you remember when was the last time I created a kitten? Well, that was way back in April 2011! This is the 3rd kitten I have made so far, he looks pretty cute doesn't he? I am really pleased with how he turned out to be. ^.^

This sweet little kitten is named Tommy. Remember the "Talking Tom" mobile app which has been pretty popular, especially with many kids? Yes, Tommy's name is inspired from the app!

Tommy is approximately 7.5 inches tall, made from beautiful viscose mohair with 2 different tones of grey. His face and tummy are made from white alpaca.

Just to highlight some special features of Tommy, he has a pair of hand painted sparkling glass eyes, a needle felted nose, wired tail and needle sculpted paw and foot pads.

I have also handmade a pointy wizard hat made from felt. I wanted to make a kitten which can relate to the Halloween happening this month.

We hope you will like our new creation today.

Have a great week ahead!

Tommy is now available for adoption at:
Artist Bears International:

Bear Pile:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wayneston Bears is featured on Teddy & Co. Magazine Oct/Nov 2014

It has always been a great honor and privilege when Wayneston Bears is featured on Teddy Bear Magazines from around the world. We are therefore, pleased to share with everyone today that Wayneston Bears has been featured on the latest issue of Teddy & Co., a publication from Germany. 

We are really excited for our creations to be featured in Germany, and hope that more people will be able to experience the same pleasure and joy that our creations have brought onto others before. 

Although we don't really understand the German Language, there are loads of colorful images to share with everyone some of the latest creations we made!

We want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Richard Backschas for sharing our story and creations with the community in Germany.

We hope you will enjoy reading this article and viewing the images. You may click on the images to enlarge.

Have a wonderful week ahead! =)

Hugs, Wayne