Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Corporate Bear Workshop available!

We are please to announce that we have brand new bear design now available for corporate workshop.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

3 more seats available for Make-a-Bear Workshop!

We have 3 more seats available for the Make-a-Bear Workshop!
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Cheers, Wayne

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thank you for visiting Wayneston Studios at Suntec Convention Centre!

L-R: Wayne's Mum, Winnie, Esther, Wayne and Sharon

We are deeply touched by the large group of visitors mainly our family, friends, students, colleagues and collectors who took their precious time to visit our booth at Suntec City last weekend!

Wayneston Studios and Deco Designs have collaborated to set up a booth from 11- 12 March at Suntec Convention Centre. 

This is our first time having a booth at Suntec. It has been a while since we last did a flee market; probably more than 4 years ago!

This time, we had more variety of merchandise for sale. We brought a wide range of mohair, alpaca, bear making supplies and artist bears for this event. Although the market for bear making is small in Singapore, we are glad to have the support from our Singapore Teddy Bear Club members and students.

Wayne's friend, Michelle came to visit!

Thank you Vivian and her daughter for visiting us!

We are happy to meet our friends
Over the 2 days, there were many curious visitors stopping by. Many were intrigued by the mohairs hanged on the rack and asked us what they were. We took the opportunity to explain and introduce the world of artist bears to them. Many people also took our workshop flyers and hopefully there would be some interested to learn how to make their own Teddy Bear.

Wayne and Evelyn
We want to thank one of our Singapore Teddy Bear Club member, Evelyn, for adopting 2 of our bears Jack and Jill! We are very sure they would be living with a wonderful mum! The Chairlady of the Handmade Community SG, Rachel came to visit us as well and we were glad to know that she will be participating in our Christmas Bear competition too!

Singapore Teddy Bear Club Members!

Rachel and Wayne

Group photo: Philip, Wayne and Melvin
Sharing the booth with us was Melvin, who had a great collection of plants on sale for both days. He specialises in orchids, airplants, and cactus. His booth was popular, with many plants lovers coming to see and purchase some plants to beautify their home. We were glad to have him beside us as he brought us some new customers too!

Over the 2-days events, we were surprised to meet some Singaporeans who make teddy bear many years ago, even before we started making bears! One of the visitor shared with us that she has stopped making bears for more than 15 years! She used to make lots of bears with her husband and it brought them lots of wonderful memories. We were so happy to share our passion to bring teddy bear lovers together and invited them to join our community - Singapore Teddy Bear Club. We hope to meet them again soon in one of the meet up events.

Wen, Racheal, Alice and Wayne
We would like to thank Esther, Irene, Eddy, Winnie, Hui Chien, Joyce, Chio, Evelyn, Rachel, Ryan, Shyamala, Alice, Wen and everyone that visited us last weekend!

Special thanks to my family and my best friend Philip, for helping me in the event.  

We look forward to our next bazaar event again!

Hugs, Wayne

Monday, March 6, 2017

Visit Wayneston Studios & Wayneston Bears @ Suntec City

We are having a booth at Suntec Convention Centre Level 3 Concourse this coming Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 9pm.

Our friend, Deco Designs will be selling some plants to beautify your house too!

Please pop by to say hello if you are there! See you soon!
Below is our workshop promotion. For enquiries, contact Wayne at:

Teddy Bear workshop at Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful day sharing with a group of church members on how to make a bear. 

It was a fun event with parents and children involved in the bear making process. It was also a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their children and teach them how to make a bear themselves.

Being a small group event with 7 participants, they were divided into 2 groups. The parents and children began to make the bear by stuffing poly fiber into the pre-sewn bear body.

After the head, body and legs are firmly stuffed, Wayne and Philip taught them basic sewing techniques to close the openings of the bear, as well as how to tie and hide a knot after closing.

After stuffing, round head pins were then used to determine the eyes position. The students used a doll needle to set the eyes in position. After the heads were done, we moved on to share how to perform a button string joint for the arms of the bear.

Although it seemed like a simple bear to everyone, it took almost 3 hours for them to complete their bears! Everyone were very pleased when their bears were finally completed. It was very gratifying for both Wayne and Philip to see the delight in their eyes! Yet another successful workshop completed!

We want to thank the organiser, Ms Jean Yap, for hosting this wonderful event for her members and giving us the opportunity to impart some basic bear making skills to them. We look forward to having another workshop with them in the near future !

Best Wishes,
Wayne & Philip

P.S: For enquiries on corporate/private workshops, contact Wayne at:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Singapore Teddy Bear Club meets the Handmade Community SG

Four of our Singapore Teddy Bear Club members namely Wayne, Esther, Paula and Winnie were invited to join a short meetup with the Handmade Community SG yesterday. 

13 pax turn up for yesterday's event!

L-R: Winnie, Esther, Paula and Wayne
As it was our first time participating, we were all very excited to meet and know other fellow handmade crafters/artisans based in Singapore. The Handmade Community SG was founded by Rachel Ting in 2015. She saw a growing number of handmade artist in Singapore and decided to form this group of community to promote the spirit of togetherness and appreciation of hand crafts to the public.

In total, there were 13 creative people who were able to attend and meetup yesterday. Everyone has their different skill sets varying from quailing, crocheting, Chinese knotting, graphic and fashion designers, leather crafters, needle felting artist, doll makers, jewelry makers, floral arrangement artist and not forgetting the teddy bear artists!

Rachel started the meeting with a short introduction of the community. She managed to bring 25 artists together including us to form this group for a collaboration project. This is exciting because we are going to have a joint exhibition with Maker Faire at the Science Centre happening in July. (Dates and more information will be announced in this blog on later date).

After the introduction by Rachel, we have the ice breaking session whereby everyone introduced themselves and shared their creations with everyone.

Yvette Lim (Specialises in quilting) with Rachel Ting (Organiser of the event)

Lisa Teng and her handmade leather bear!

Lee Peng with her handmade needle felted cat brooches

Noraini with her hand embroidered accessories

Margaret sharing her handmade wearable jewellery

Esther Lee and her bears & dolls

Wayne and his bears

Winnie Koh sharing her handmade beaded jewelleries

Paula shares with us the different types of crafts she makes which includes porcelain dolls, machine embroidering and other handmade products.

Ai Geok with her Chinese knots wearable craft

Vivian sharing her floral display and sculptures
Adeline is a fashion designer! She shares her zero waste wearable art
Overall, it was a fun and joyful event with much laughter. On behalf of the Singapore Teddy Bear Club, we would like to thank Handmade Community for their generosity and hospitality in hosting this event.

We look forward to the next meetup soon!

Join us @ Handmade Community SG
Join us @ Singapore Teddy Bear Club


Thursday, March 2, 2017

STBL Nursery Outing! A fun day with Bears and Orchids!

Wayne's friend, Melvin, specialises in Orchids. Melvin and his dad owns a small nursery which houses a variety of plants.

Wayne posted some pictures of his orchids on social media and it has caught the attention of some members of the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers Group. Hence, an outing to the nursery was planned!

L-R: Sharon, Su Ling, Joyce, Philip and Wayne
Philip organised the trip to Melvin's nursery last Sunday and Wayne, Su Ling, Sharon and Joyce excitedly joined the trip. We were very thankful to Joyce for driving us to the location.

Wayne and TIc Tic
At nursery, we were all welcomed warmly by Melvin and his pet dog, Tic Tic! Inside the nursery, everyone was very impressed with the variety of orchids and there were a couple of orchids which are rarely seen in other commercial nurseries. Melvin shared with us that their nursery aren't open to public and it was solely open for hobbyist via appointment only.

With the beautiful surroundings, Wayne, Su Ling and Joyce quickly took our their handmade bears and took some pictures with the flowers.

 L-R: Bears made by Wayne, Joyce and Su Ling

Su Ling is so excited to visit the nursery.

After that, everybody excitedly went around the nursery and started snapping the lovely orchids on display. Some of the plants weren't potted as they enjoy growing on wooden stubs or air hanged. Melvin gave everyone some tips and knowledge on the different plants and how to grow them properly.

Joyce and Su Ling adventurously picked 2 pots of orchids each with no flowers on them. Melvin said that this is the beauty of purchasing orchids with flowers yet to bloom. It will keep you in suspense because you do not know what type or colours of the orchids will bloom! It will probably takes 1-2 weeks for the buds to blossom and it will certainly be a great surprise to both Joyce and Su Ling when the times comes!

Purchase of the day by Su Ling, Joyce and Sharon!
At the end of day, Joyce, Su Ling and Sharon bought some pots of orchids from Melvin to beautify their homes. Thank you Melvin for sharing his lovely nursery with us. We look forward to visit his nursery again in future when the other plants bloom!